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When it comes to Edward, Tom thinks he did a good job but Hugh thinks the duck was a little bit overdone. Note that Hugh is the only one who feels this way, unlike with Molly's dish, where everyone agreed it was awful. Tom loved what Andrew put in the bowl, which was his mussel dish, and doesn't understand why he also felt the need to include the panna cotta with shrimp on the side. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Especially in a challenge like this, just do one thing and one thing really, really well. When will people learn?

Hugh and Emeril were impressed with Grayson's version of shrimp and grits, since they cook it every day, and yet hers was unique. Tom points out that the dish was not flawless, because the grits were dense. Look, you want a flawless dish, give them more than forty-five minutes, right? So how about Janine? Tom thinks it was a good dish, but there was something he didn't like. Hugh says that her scallop was perfectly cooked, and back in the Stew Room, they all think that Janine is a shoo-in. Oh, cheftestants. You don't know.

Judges' Table. They've already made their decision, so this is going to be a little different. It's not like they will be given the chance to defend their decisions. Tom starts with Molly; he tells her that she ruined her shrimp, so she's gone. I just figured out that Molly looks like Tatum O'Neal. It's been bugging me. Tom tells Laurent that his flavors didn't work together, so he's out. Bye bye, Frenchie!

Tom tells Ed that his dish was good, even if the duck was a little over, and Padma welcomes him to the show. He is incredibly relieved. So there are three left and only one is going through out of Andrew, Janine and Grayson. Tom tells Janine that she put together a nice dish, but it wasn't tied together. Grayson's flavors were good, even if it was a little boring. Andrew made a great plate of food but he added too much to it. Padma tells Andrew and Janine to GTFO, and Grayson is the final cheftestant added to the cast.

Edward and Grayson join the others in the house, and both admit that they're incredibly relieved. Grayson interviews that she's no underdog, even though she had to cook twice. I'm sure after like two challenges, if they're still around, everyone will have forgotten what happened.

BUT WAIT! It's not over. Turns out they are doing a Redemption Island twist. For those of you who don't still watch Survivor, that means that Andrew and Janine are still in it. They get to have one battle (which you can watch online at Bravo's site) and the winner stays while the loser goes home. Each week, the eliminated cheftestant will battle the person in the Last Chance Kitchen and then at some point, whoever is left in Last Chance Kitchen will get to re-enter the game. I already watched the Janine/Andrew battle but I'm not going to reveal who won here, in case they decide to reveal it on the next episode. Once I'm more sure of how they're going to handle this information, I will either reveal or not reveal at the end of each recap. Not sure how I feel about this twist, so I'll reserve judgment.

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