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Stefan, Fabio, and Hosea sit out on the balcony and discuss Jamie's exit. Stefan says he'll miss her, but also recognizes that she made a mistake, and it's to his benefit to have one more cheftestant eliminated. He also recognizes that, no matter how talented you are, one mistake can mean going home. Leah makes her bed and rasps in an interview that she flunked out of college, and then started working in a restaurant and fell in love with it. She seems like the type that loved the camaraderie (and male attention) of the kitchen and that's what she fell in love with more than the food. I'm just doing some amateur psychology, and I'm probably wrong, but it sounds like it could be true, doesn't it?

Carla and Stefan sit in the living room. Apparently, Stefan is a bit down and Carla starts clapping and going, "Yew can deeeeeewwwww it! Yew can deeeeeewwwww it!" Man, if he was discouraged before, now he's probably homicidal. I love Carla in the small doses I get once per week; I don't think I could take living with her. Stefan looks like he agrees with that assessment. In an interview, Carla explains her background: she was a model, and then went to culinary school late, so she feels like she's a dark horse in the competition but could also be an inspiration to women everywhere. Also, birds. Big birds. I'm just saying. So that's the briefer-than-usual (it seems, I didn't time it or anything) reflection on past episodes and setting up for this episode. Must be a good competition this week! Also, it's a normal length episode, so that could have something to do with it.

Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants enter the kitchen to find a tableau of various sized and colored eggs, and standing next to Padma is Wylie Dufresne. Wylie Dufresne always looks to me like instead of a chef, he should be the lead singer/guitar player in an alt-country band. Like he would fit right in with Wilco. Maybe it's just me. Hosea explains, for those who haven't watched previous seasons, that Dufresne is known for molecular gastronomy and "standing food on its head." That sounds difficult to balance, especially when you're talking about eggs. Padma reminds them that this is the last round in New York, and four of the cheftestants will be heading to New Orleans for the semifinals and finals.

Dufresne explains that he's there because he loves eggs, and he believes that the ability to properly cook an egg is a sign of a good chef. Padma explains that the challenge is to take one hour to create a dish using eggs that will "surprise and delight our egghead, Wylie, over here." When did Padma become a vaudevillian with the jokes? Fabio interviews that he really needs to win this so he can get whatever advantage it offers for the next Elimination Challenge. Padma calls time and the cheftestants start running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

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