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Surfin' So Sorry

The boys arrive. Frank explains that he had a quiche planned, which quickly had to morph into a scramble. He knows he overcooked his eggs. Gail compliments his cannoli cream but wonders what the connection between the two was. Frank says that if he had made a quiche -- which is creamy and rich -- they would have been more obviously connected. Frank knows he should have done something different. "I should have switched to individual omelets," he nods. Somehow I think that would have been difficult as well. Turning to Sam, Gail tells him it was really unappealing, and that it was the surfers' least favorite breakfast. Sam thinks he's a good chef and has proved himself time and time again. Gail chastises him for not being able to adapt. Defensively, Sam interrupts, "I didn't know the surroundings. I didn't know if there was going to be a cutting board, I didn't know if there was going to be a spatula, I just had no idea. To me this whole challenge was a gamble. Elia made the choice to use frozen waffles, I mean, she took a gamble and she utilized it and she won. I took a gamble and that's why I'm standing here." Hm, am I the only one who thinks that Sam mentioned the frozen waffles specifically to bag on Elia? It seems as though the "I mean she took a gamble" thing was very tacked on as a way to justifying his tattling. Which is sort of pointless, actually, because I just assume the judges know everything that goes into the dishes. Either they demand a full accounting from the cheftestants themselves or they get the receipts -- either way, it's full disclosure. Cliff is not really sure why he's there. He knows it wasn't visually appealing and explains the whole sunny-side egg idea. Gail tells him it was sloppy and looked like it had the least effort, however she concedes it didn't taste the worst. Colicchio tells Cliff his dish was the only one seasoned with sand. Cliff grabs at his face and squats down in abject consternation. They're excused for the nonce.

No major barracking in the back.

The judges discuss. Gail really rails on Sam for whining about how hard the challenge was when so many others did a really good job. She calls his whining "lame." Heh. Finally, they call the three losers back in and, after a ridiculously protracted and roundabout surfing metaphor from Colicchio, Padmadala knifes Frank. Padmadala asks if he has anything he wants to say. "Um, yeah, everybody in this room? And in the pantry? Is welcome at my house for good food, good wine, and good friends." Ick. He just icks me all over. I'm so glad His Scary Intenseness is gone.

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