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decided on their own. Back in the Stew Room, Mike is at least able to laugh about how angry he was in front of the judges.

The judges call Preeti, Laurine, and Mike back in. Colicchio says that the food was good today for the most part, but the people standing there produced the worst dishes. Mike's dish was a throwaway, which won't cut it in this competition. Preeti and Laurine produced an uninspired dish, and Preeti doesn't get that while Laurine did, and should have done something about it earlier. Padma tells Preeti to pack her knives and go. Preeti points out in her exit speech that this competition is a lot stiffer this season than in previous seasons, which I think is true. But she still made my aunt's pasta salad in a competition of elite chefs.

Watch Preeti's exclusive exit interview video.

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