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Uncooked Egg and Spicy Shrimp
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Morning in the Cheftestant Apartment. Jeff works out on the balcony. I wonder if he packed free weights in his suitcase. That is one thing that I would never in a million years think to pack. Anyway, Ariane interviews that it's a new day and she just wants to keep her streak going, since she kind of redeemed herself in the last Challenge. Alex is sad that Richard left, because they were roommates. Richard left a letter, and Alex reads it to Jamie and Carla: "It may sound crappy to say this, but you've got a friend out of this competition. That being said, here's the crappy part. Fuck the rest of them." They're all in tears, so I guess the rest of the letter must have been pretty sad, because that one snippet sure wasn't. Alex adds that he misses his family and friends and feels homesick, but he wants to continue competing. Jamie interviews that she's fine being the last remaining member of Team Rainbow, and she even has a rainbow bracelet. Never forget!

The cheftestants arrive at the kitchen for the Quickfire Challenge. They find Rocco DiSpirito waiting there with Padma. Fabio explains for the five people in the audience that don't know about him that Rocco is a famous American chef who cooks Italian food. I was pretty down on Rocco after his disastrous reality show, but then he was on Dancing with the Stars this season and either he got a better PR agent who told him how to act or he has actually cleaned up his act, because he was kind of charming. I'm not totally won over, but I don't hate him as I once did. Padma introduces Rocco and then says, "It's time for brefffffast." That's how she pronounces breakfast. I think she and Rocco got into the mimosas before taping started. Jamie is immediately freaked out, and explains in an interview that she doesn't like breakfast and never eats it. I never eat breakfast because I'm not hungry first thing in the morning, but I do love breakfast foods. Apparently, Jamie does not agree with me on that one. The challenge is to "create a breakfast amuse-bouche." Stefan explains that an amuse-bouche is a one-bite dish meant to showcase a chef's talents. Rocco advises everyone to use bacon, because he really loves it. Wow, I never would have guessed that, porky.

They get thirty minutes, so as soon as Padma calls time, they all go racing around the kitchen. Stefan has a crazy device that allows you to cut a perfect round off the top of an eggshell instead of just cracking it in half willy-nilly. Jeff is overwhelmed because he has a ton of breakfast ideas and he knows that he probably won't have another opportunity to cook them. Daniel reminisces about his childhood breakfast: cornflakes and zucchini flowers. Yum? I don't get that, but as mentioned in previous recaps, I'm kind of a hick and I'm the biggest mutt ever so I grew up eating the most bland white trash food of all time. Lots of cream of whatever soups and fried foods. So it's taken me a while to refine my palate, and I'm still working on it. Thus, no zucchini flowers. Ariane is making a dish she makes for her kids that combines French toast and bacon. Fabio doesn't eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, and instead wants something sweet with some fruit and a cappuccino. Leah is focused on making the perfect bite, with perfect flavors. Jeff tries to skewer some fruit but his hands are shaking and the fruit goes flying off. Melissa breaks the yolk on her egg by accident and has to go running for another. Padma warns that they only have three minutes so everyone rushes and then time is called.

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