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Immediately after Nyesha and Dakota's departure, everyone stands around in the kitchen and looks depressed. And remember how Heather totally turned on Beverly in front of the judges for no real reason? So that's awkward. Beverly interviews that she thinks Heather crossed a line, and she mistakes Beverly's humility for meekness. But Beverly believes in karma. I wish that I did. I'm still waiting for some people to get theirs. As I'm sure others are waiting for me to get mine.

Padma walks into the kitchen and they're all like, "Oh, shit. Do we have to cook again RIGHT NOW?" But instead, Padma tells them that they're going to Austin. They all high five and cheer because everyone knows that Austin is the best city in Texas. Paul interviews that he feels more pressure now, since he's from Austin. Pressure to what? Know directions to the nearest Whole Foods?

The next morning, the cheftestants pack up their two vehicles and hit the road. I find it interesting to see who went in which vehicle. Heather is driving one (of course, she probably bullied everyone into giving her the keys), and her passengers are Chris Moto, Sarah, Edward, and Lindsay. Chris Moto has a Flip cam and Edward is asking Heather questions about dudes and relationships. Heather admits that she's 40, and it's tough to have relationships because she works so much, but she jokes that she'd give up five thousand dollars and immunity for one night with John Besh. Besh? Really? He doesn't do it for me.

The other car contains Chris Hollywood, Paul, Grayson, Beverly, and Ty is driving. I would definitely rather be in that car. They seem a lot more fun. Anyway, they're also joking about who's the prettiest, and decide that it's Chris Hollywood.

They arrive at the Driskill, where they'll be staying. Paul interviews that he moved to Austin to change his lifestyle. He used to sell weed but then got robbed and realized that he was throwing his life away, so he decided to become a chef. Because God knows that chefs don't do drugs or drink. Or smoke. Or have other bad habits.

Quickfire! Tom is there with Padma, which makes everyone nervous because he usually doesn't show up for Quickfires. Padma explains that Twitter exploded at the SXSW Festival in Austin (I remember that!), so they're going to build a challenge around Twitter. The challenge is to follow instructions that fans of the show tweet to Tom and Padma. This could get weird. The winner gets cash, but not immunity.

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