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The first instruction is to cook a dish with bacon in it. Oh, Internet. So predictable. Chris Hollywood thinks this is a softball. Everyone grabs bacon and starts cooking things. Beverly cooks hers in a pressure cooker, even though she's never used one before. I'm so over the whole Internet bacon thing. I like bacon. It's good. Let's not get so crazy with it.

The next instruction comes in, and they have to create a hash as part of their dish. Edward is worried about how he's going to incorporate that, because he had a perfectly planned dish. Well, he knew there were going to be twists. Maybe he shouldn't have planned something so specific that one change would ruin it. Grayson is cooking potato pancakes, because she's German and they're familiar, and she also thinks they can accommodate the twists of the challenge well. Beverly opens the pressure cooker and her bacon is done perfectly.

The final instruction comes in with fifteen minutes left. Tom tells them that each chef needs to pick an ingredient from the pantry and hand it off to another chef to be incorporated into their dish. Ooh, you could really screw someone over with this. Chris Hollywood gives Lindsay sriracha so she gives him maple syrup. Chris Moto and Beverly trade a lemon and some oil, which kind of seems like cheating, but the rule was pretty vague. Ty gives Ed some sriracha (popular!), and Ed is just annoyed. He's no fun. Someone gave Grayson a tomatillo, and with minutes to go, she purees it and uses it like a sauce. Her plate is a bit of a disaster. Annnnnd, time's up!

Beverly serves first: crisp pork belly with corn, bell pepper, habanero, and potato hash. Chris Moto serves corn puree with bacon, potato hash, and seared scallop. Tom tastes something salty and tries to figure out what it is. Needless to say, it's bad. Heather made smoked paprika quail with smoked bacon jam and leek hash. That's a lot of smoke. Ed made potato hash with bacon and softshell crab deglazed in sriracha. Padma wants to know who gave him the sriracha, so obviously it didn't work well in the dish. Which is kind of Ed's fault, for making such a specific dish when he knew there would be twists.

Sarah made burrata stuffed squash blossom with bacon and zucchini hash. Tom says that her bacon is crispy. Chris Hollywood made bacon-wrapped monkfish with potato, leek, and bacon hash. He jokes that Lindsay gave him maple syrup, but Tom thinks Chris made it work surprisingly well. Grayson made a shrimp puff with crispy bacon hash cake. Tom angrily asks why she's calling it a puff and Grayson says she wanted them to think it was light and fluffy, and Tom nods, so I guess that makes sense? Ty made maple-glazed bacon with bacon and kale hash. Paul made bacon several different ways: bacon fat, crispy bacon, blackberries, and chorizo and mushroom hash. Padma says it's "very interesting." Is that good or not? Paul's not sure.

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