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Tom thought the food was pretty exciting overall, but he has to talk about the least successful dishes first. Grayson's puff was like a wet mousse, and she didn't use enough bacon. Chris Moto's was way too salty. Ed burned his hash and it was bitter, which threw the whole dish off.

Who were the standouts? Beverly's was subtle and well-cooked. Sarah's was also subtle with just enough bacon to give it smokiness. Also, Paul's was unusual and shouldn't work on paper but it totally did. So who wins? Paul! He's on a roll. Tom jokes that he should buy everyone a drink, and then says that seriously, they should all go to the hotel bar for a drink.

So they do! Ed notes that the men and women are all sitting separately and Chris Hollywood goes and sits between Grayson and Heather. They are kind of smooshing him. A piano player starts tinkling away and then announces that Patti Labelle is there to sing a song. Patti Labelle! She sings "Lady Marmalade" for them, of course. Because when you think of Austin, you think of...Patti Labelle? I guess they couldn't get Willie Nelson. Padma walks out and announces that she'll be their guest judge for this competition, and she's also a cookbook author. Padma asks Patti who taught her to cook, and Patti says that various relatives did, and they all had soul, which she promises has nothing to do with skin color.

So the challenge this week is to cook a dish inspired by the person that taught you to cook. Chris Moto talks about his grandmother, and he used to sit and talk to her while she cooked dinner. Sarah is already crying. Sarah talks about how she used to go to her grandparents' house and see how they made everything from scratch, and she gets emotional about it, knowing that they won't be around forever. Man, I thought Beverly was a crier. Sarah's giving her a run for her money lately.

Whole Foods! Shopping! Heather goes to the meat counter and gets some rib eye. Heather comes from a big family and she remembers her mom making beef stroganoff, along with other one-pot meals. So why is she buying rib eye? She should be buying something more like a roast or stew meat. Even I know that, and I'm a dummy. Chris Moto is cooking for his grandmother, who used to always cook steak dinners. Grayson was inspired by her parents, so she's making steak too, because her dad used to grill. She's a little concerned because all of the beef at the counter is very lean, and she wants more marbling, for a more tender steak. Ah, it probably won't matter, right?

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