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The next morning, the cheftestants get ready for the day. Grayson notices Beverly's photos on the mirror and asks about her kid (who was four months old in the photo - presumably he's older than that now). This leads to an interview where Beverly talks about how she misses her kid and her husband, and it's been hard because Heather has been bullying her, but she's trying to keep her eye on the prize. She tapes up her sign announcing that she won the show, which I still think is weird, but I guess if it inspires her, that's fantastic. The Chris' Hollywood and Moto are chatting and Chris Moto bends over and half of his bum is hanging out so Chris Hollywood says, "Crack kills." Heh.

Ty and Ed eat breakfast together. Ty talks about his Japanese housekeeper/nanny that he had growing up. I am fascinated by his backstory. Where did he come from? Okay, I thought they were eating breakfast, but one of them is having wine, so maybe not? Or maybe! Rock on, cheftestants with your day drinking. Ed talks about his grandmother, who used to cook a lot of vegetarian food because they couldn't afford meat. He interviews that she kept him from being a delinquent and ordered him to wash his hair or shave his stupid beard. I think Ed might need his grandmother to pay a visit; his current beard is pretty stupid.

The cheftestants head to the kitchen to prep. Paul is making adobo, inspired by his Filipino grandmother. I'm so impressed that all of these people have grandmothers that were such good cooks. I love both of my grandmothers, but neither of them were particularly great cooks. I'm kind of developing a crush on Paul. He's cute. Chris Hollywood says that he's "doing an homage" to his uncle and Grayson jokes that he said he was Amish. But actually, Chris Hollywood explains that his uncle taught him to fish and then clean and cook the fish they caught, because his mother wasn't a great cook.

Beverly was inspired by her mother. The family picture they show where Bev is like ten? Her facial expression looks exactly like Ramona Quimby. So Bev is making braised short ribs, but they don't have time to do a proper braise, so she's going to use the pressure cooker. I always get nervous when people use the pressure cooker but Bev pulled it off in the Quickfire, so maybe it will be okay. Sarah is combining dishes that her grandparents made: sausage from her grandfather and stuffed cabbage from her grandmother. I hope she doesn't start crying again. Heather is worried that her beef is getting spongy. Well, of course it is. It's rib eye. It's not meant to be cooked slowly in liquid. It should be seared or grilled or something. Heather interviews that she doesn't want to use the pressure cooker because she got dinged for it last time. Well, also, that's not a meat that will do well in the pressure cooker. It's unclear if Heather doesn't understand that, or if she is trying something new, or what is going on. I'm not sure how much is incompetence and how much is sort of a cavalcade of bad decisions.

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