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Edward is worried that his dish is too simple, and also worries that he's the only one doing vegetarian food. Lindsay made trout spanakopita with crispy leeks and rainbow trout roe, inspired by her two grandmothers, one Greek and one Southern. Edward serves modern bibimbap with lemon-chili sauce, inspired by his grandmother. Patti talks about how Lindsay's trout roe is like caviar, and the first time she ever had caviar was with Emeril. Wow, cool story, Patti. Emeril thinks that Lindsay used too much butter. The judges thinks that Edward's dish is authentic and that's about all they have to say about it.

Before she serves, Grayson notes that Ty has these small pieces of food on his plate, and she has this giant twelve ounce steak. Seriously, you guys, it's a huge cut of meat. What is she thinking? Why not cut them in half, at least? Her dish is grilled rib-eye steak with German potato salad and grilled vegetables. The judges just stare at the plate like, "The fuck?" Ty-Lor made duck fat-fried chicken tender with pickled peaches, inspired by his Japanese nanny. The judges love Ty's chicken, and Tom thinks his inspiration was sweet. Tom thinks that Grayson basically just recreated the dish she ate as a kid instead of interpreting it, and some of the diners think that the meat is gristly and stringy. Those aren't words you want to hear about your steak.

The judges loved hearing all of the stories. Tom thinks some of the cheftestants got stuck in grandma's kitchen, and Emeril says that the successful ones modernized the dishes. I don't get why some of them didn't understand that it didn't need to be the same exact dish.

You guys, those Voltaggio brothers commercials are painful. PAINFUL. They are not good at reading copy. They should have done it in voiceover or something. Ugh.

Weird interstitial. The cheftestants talk about how they dedicate their dishes to the people that inspired them, and discuss how those people just want them to be happy.

The cheftestants hang out in the stew room and discuss how Patti Labelle is awesome and beautiful, and Ty noted that her toenails were painted to match Padma's shirt. I'm not sure if that was planned. Padma comes in and asks to see Grayson, Heather, and Chris Hollywood. The cheftestants are confused because they always call the top three first, and they're probably all pretty sure that those three are not the top three. And when they get out there, Padma tells them that they are the bottom three. Tom asks if they're surprised to be there. Grayson says that her flavors were on point, and she purposely gave them huge portions to represent her Wisconsin upbringing. Emeril says that the beef wasn't trimmed, and Grayson says that it was. Padma didn't like the texture. Tom wonders why she didn't modernize the dish. Grayson says that she took the challenge literally and she obviously shouldn't have.

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