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Moving on to Chris, Tom says that the fish was cooked too fast, so the outside was hard and dried out. Padma brings up the albumen (a word she just learned, obviously), and Chris admits that he noticed it and tried to scrape it off. Emeril thought that the dill overpowered the other flavors, because the pieces were too big. Patti liked the potatoes but didn't love the salmon. Tom starts in with Heather, and says that her dish went awry. Padma says that the dumplings were dry and chewy and overcooked. Patti can't say enough bad things about the meat. Tom says if it was braised, it was overcooked and if not, it wasn't cooked enough. Heather explains that she didn't use the pressure cooker because she did last time and the meat was stringy. Tom snarks, "Well, Beverly used the pressure cooker, and... she's not here." Ooooh, Tom! Snap, snap, snap!

The bottom three walk back into the kitchen and send out Beverly, Sarah, and Ed, who are obviously the top three. Tom loves that they used their inspirations as starting points. Patti thinks they "put [their] heart and soul on the plate." She specifically mentions that Ed's dish was amazing, and Padma notes that he's on a roll. Tom thinks that every component of Beverly's dish had a purpose and her mom would be proud. Emeril loves that Sarah made her own sausage and the dish worked as a whole. Patti announces that the winner is Sarah. She screams and hugs the others, and they're excused.

The judges discuss the bottom three. Tom thinks that Heather's meat was overcooked and the sauces didn't work. Padma says that Heather knew she messed up the meat, and it was bad. Padma thinks that Chris's salmon wasn't good, and it looked unappetizing. Tom felt like he threw food on the plate instead of planning it out. Tom didn't like Grayson's lack of imagination and Emeril says that it wasn't food worthy of a Top Chef. Somehow that conversation led to them figuring out a loser.

Tom tells each cheftestant what they did wrong. Chris used too many ingredients and they were out of proportion. Grayson didn't use enough creativity and just recreated her parents' dish. Heather tried to rescue her dish and it didn't work. So who's going home? Heather. Well, I won't miss her. She didn't bring anything positive to the table, personality-wise. Heather seemed to expect it. When Heather walks back into the kitchen, Sarah is the only one who seems upset, but Heather tells everyone not to be upset. Um, don't worry. They're not. You were kind of awful. Beverly notes that karma hit Heather in the ass, but she says it nicer. So now Heather heads off to the Last Chance Kitchen to battle Nyesha.

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