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Shall we talk about previously on Top Chef? Well, I could not be any happier that Betty's gone; I'm especially happy that Marcel outlasted her. You know, I had no reason to ever champion Marcel until Betty led the bully parade that has continually stomped all over him throughout the season. I don't even particularly LIKE Marcel, nor do I think he should win, but I absolutely refuse to stand by and say nothing while this pile-on of bullies continues to trump up erroneous statements and pass them off as fact.

I took the time to do what anyone at Bravo could have done, I went into my Top Chef archives and I counted -- I COUNTED -- how many foams Marcel has done. You might say, "Wow, what a colossal waste of time," but see, I believe in having an informed rant. Unlike the judges, I want all the facts in front of me before I announce or denounce something. Do you want to know how many foams Marcel has made on this show? Including last week's double feature? FIVE. And one of those shouldn't even count; remember the cocktails Quickfire? Michael made a Guinness foam, Ted Ilan had an egg white foam on his cocktail, Elia's cappuccino cocktail had foam, and Marcel had milk foam on his coffee cocktail. So, what I'm saying is, milk foam on coffee isn't really a molecular gastronomy foam; it's about as cutting edge as a puree. Furthermore, among Marcel's four legitimate foams, one -- the Thanksgiving foam -- was done because the cheftestants were specifically instructed to be CUTTING EDGE in their dishes. Bourdain even PRAISED Marcel's use of foams in that episode. Do you know what that means, Son of Sam? There haven't been nine foams in nine episodes, so you can just kiss my aspic. So can Padmadala, matter of fact, since she stated that they have "had foam at every meal."

Including the cocktail foam, which, as I've already ranted, shouldn't even be considered a real foam, there have been five foams confined to three episodes. In fact, he didn't have ANY foams until episode six, which is when Frank made his dumbass statement about Marcel's dishes all being carbon copies of each other.

Finally, Ted Ilan has fully come out of the closet as the dick I always suspected him to be. I am giddy over the judges calling him on bashing Marcel's dish. His bandwagon-jumping of "Let's not help Marcel" was weakly and pathetically based on Marcel "snapping" at Betty. Marcel didn't snap at the precious and sensitive Miss Betty. He was frantic to bring his dish back before it was served too soon. It wasn't even close to the tone Cliff used with Elia and the M.E.C. server in this episode. However, both Ted Ilan and Betty decided to take serious umbrage that Marcel spoke in less than cooing tones and hurt her fragile feelings. Please. Nothing about that woman is fragile. Except maybe her over-processed hair.

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