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Foaming at the Mouth

Elia explains her fig raisin toast with yogurt, honey, almonds, grapes, and barbecue sauce. Elia, honey, I love you but what the HELL? It sounds like a plate of pregnancy craving! Although, I'm not one to talk -- I used to spread cream cheese on crackers and top it with barbecue sauce. Yakura likes the smokiness of the barbecue sauce with the almonds and honey. Shows what I know. Yakura and Padmadala move on to Ted Ilan's smoked salmon and tomato napoleon with Zesty Italian Dressing. Ted Ilan explains with an "Oh aren't I just so clever and witty?" look on his face, "I took Zesty Italian Dressing and I tried to foam it, but it didn't really hold. It sort of dissolved." Led by Padmadala, the other cheftestants burst out laughing. I'm sure Yakura is confused by this obvious in-joking. Ted Ilan, can you even foam an oil-based substance? Are you that stupid? Marcel tells us that Ted Ilan was trying to make fun of him and concludes, "'Cause he didn't execute it, I think he made fun of himself." I think he's right.

The cheftestants gather around for Yakura's judgment. He thought Michael's dish was heavy-handed and frenetic. Ted Ilan's napoleon and salmon were both dried out and there wasn't enough sauce. HA! Dick. Yakura loved Sam's dish, gives him props for using all three condiments, and tells him he "really elevated what snack food should be." Yakura also liked Elia's dish, "Very clean, bright flavors, you added a little barbecue sauce, brought out the smokiness of it." Marcel is another one Yakura singles out for props, "Lamb kabob! Technically done very, very well, I think that mayonnaise heightened your dish." Finally, Yakura thinks Cliff's tartare was fantastic and his use of mayonnaise "ingenious." Padmadala VOs that there will be two winners who will get a "special prize." Yakura announces Marcel and Sam as the winners. "I kicked ass today -- woohoo!" Marcel tells us, raising the roof with his hands. Son of Sam perfunctorily shakes Marcel's hand. Padmadala says the winners get to head up and pick teams for the Elimination Challenge. That's their "special prize"? How sad.

The Elimination Challenge this week is for each team to take an unfinished restaurant space in a new Westfield behemoth, create a restaurant concept, and plan and cook a menu. Think last year's Restaurant Wars but more food court-y. They have twenty-four hours. Marcel and Sam choose teams. Team Marcel is Elia and Cliff. Team Serial Killer is Ted Ilan and Mike. After he's chosen for Marcel's team, Cliff tells us, "I've probably wanted to hit Marcel more than five times since I've been here. But I'm gonna put up with him. I wanna win this." Padmadala explains that their space in the Westfield Mall is three weeks away from opening as a "new concept restaurant" called uWink. I wonder what kind of food they serve at a new concept restaurant. What does that even mean? Looking through uWink's menu I see that they make a quesadilla with shrimp and jack cheese. Michael's dish would fit right in. I get it now, the "new concept" part of uWink are the computerized touch screens positioned at each table that the customers use to place their orders. Seems messy.

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