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Back at the lofts, Team Sam plans their three-course menu that will serve twenty-four people. The next morning, Ted Ilan sits and talks with Elia, who is still in bed. Nakedly in bed, I think. No shoulder straps or sleeves visible. Ted Ilan tells her, "Not to be mean but I hope that your team loses and that Marcel goes home." Elia makes a face at this and tells us how Marcel has made a lot of enemies out of everyone except her. Here's a random question, what is with Elia and Ted Ilan wearing sunglasses? In bed. In the morning. Is this more product placement? Does Ray-Ban want a piece of the Top Chef pie? Because when I think of food and cooking, I don't automatically think "And sunglasses!" Although, I have been known to wear sunglasses as a desperate attempt to keep myself from crying when I chop onions. It never works. Neither do burning candles or crusts of bread in my mouth. Nothing. Ted Ilan tells Elia to blame everything on Marcel if they are put on the "losers' block." Elia whines that she doesn't want to be on the negative side of the Judges' Table ever again.

While Ted Ilan and Sam shop for groceries at Wild Oats (MORE PLACEMENT!), Mike takes his list and his five hundred dollars to the restaurant supply store and shops. On Team Marcel, Cliff takes on the restaurant supply store and Elia and Marcel deal with the groceries. Marcel tells Cliff they're just going to serve beer and root beer as beverages. Checking in with his team, Mike asks if they got the wine. Sam tells him they didn't have enough money for the wine, so they're ditching it. Accordingly, Mike ditches the wineglasses. How can you have an Italian restaurant without wine? Don't they listen to Billy Joel? Mike says he has one hundred dollars left in his budget but he got everything on his list so, "Too bad, so sad." What a weird response to have when coming under budget. At the grocery store, Sam is heard and subtitled to say, "I'm just afraid because wine is such a big part of Italian culture." He tells us Mike's extra cash makes him worried that Mike overlooked something. But he had the list that they all wrote out and agreed on, so he's golden, right?

The teams return to the kitchens for four hours of prep. There's a lot of worry over the lack of design in the front of the house. I'd be worried too; those places look like crap. Where did the seven hundred dollars go? Sam says that they haven't spoken to their designer since the night before, "The place is named after our girlfriends and it looks like crap so far." I wonder what that says about your girlfriends. In the kitchen, Elia deals with Cliff and tells us that working with Cliff on a team is hard because he raises his voice. We get a clip of Cliff ordering Marcel around with a raised voice, and Elia trying to tell him to take it down a notch. Team Sam's designer finally arrives two hours late and needs one of the cheftestants to help her. Mike is dispatched and swears over putting some furniture together. Service time is forty-five minutes away and still nothing is really done in the front of the house.

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