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Vegas Finale, Part I

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Dave arrives in Vegas and tells us how excited he is to be there: "I'm ready to finish Top Chef. As the Top Chef." Never gonna happen. Dave gets out of his limo at the MGM Grand, and we are flashed the hotel's corresponding restaurants, diego, Seablue, craftsteak, and Nob Hill. I'm annoyed to see that more and more restaurants these days are lower-casing their names. It's like the internet of the late nineties. Dave is shown to his Skyloft, which is gorgeous, of course. He's the first to arrive. Harold walks in wearing a tan sports coat over his usual rather schlubby white t-shirt and black pants. Dave gives him wine and a tour. The pillows on the guys' beds are embroidered with their individual initials! Do you think they recycle those? Dave reminds us that he likes Harold and he hates Tiffani. Tiffani arrives and Dave barely greets her. Harold gives her a hug. Dave reluctantly steps forward to be hugged by Tiffani. Tiffani says that she's a different person now, because after seeing herself on television, she got a wake-up call. The three cheftestants toast with wine and sit down for a chat. Tiffani asks what's going on in Dave's life, and he says he went back to his restaurant and it was closed. Since then, Dave's been doing some catering and living off his savings, which are now gone. Dave wants and needs to win. Tiffani says that she's been working a lot in the interim, and tells us that she wants to be able to travel to Europe to understand the origins of what she's doing and why she's doing it. On the Harold front, he's opening a restaurant.

Tiffani goes to bed, and we see Dave checking his product-placed AOL email while we get a voice-over about his friends and family supporting him. However, he's dressed in something totally different, the sun is shining, and it doesn't even look like the Skylofts. Dave opens an email from someone who writes that they've been following him on Top Chef. They go on to say that Stephen is pretentious and then adds, "Oh, and Tiffany... where do these people get --" but the rest is cut off. Heh. Tiffani tells us that she's "hungrier" for the win more than anyone else and she wants it more than anyone else. Lying in bed, Dave whines that he just wants to lie there and eat and drink and sleep. Harold consoles him, "You're going to do good, regardless." Dave cracks Harold up by saying he thinks the challenge will be them taking a twenty-mule team out to the Grand Canyon where they'll be given a Bunsen Burner and a bow and arrow. "And whatever you catch, you fucking cook. And it's gotta be gourmet and it better look good," he finishes. Seriously. Don't give them any ideas. Harold chokes with laughter.

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