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Vegas Finale, Part II

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And here we are, the finale of the finale. Last time on Top Chef, everyone is gone except for Harold and Tiffani.

Tiffani and Harold are both ready to be the winners. At craftsteak, Bot and Colicchio blather on about the two of them "going knife to knife," (ugh) and go on about all other sort of reminders of why they are there. Let's just get to the bitch, already! Colicchio tells them they will prepare a five-course meal for eight diners with no kids, no microwaves, and no gimmicks. Bot says they will be cooking for prestigious eaters, and the guest judge will be Lorraine Bracco, who is a "well-known foodie and wine connoisseur." "Cool," Tiffani mutters, smiling, because she can NEVER LET ANYTHING GO WITHOUT OPENING HER BIG SMALL MOUTH TO COMMENT! Lorraine Bracco, who has slapped her name on a line of Italian wines, has handpicked some of those wines, which the two remaining cheftestants will then pair with their food. Harold and Tiffani draw knives to find out which of two MGM Grand restaurants they get to cook in. Harold pulls Nob Hill and Tiffani pulls craftsteak. Bot says they've arranged for a little help "to complete their vision." In walk Lee Anne, Stephen, Miguel, and Dave. I thought they said no gimmicks. "A top chef is one who inspires other people to want to work for them. The four of you are going to be given an opportunity today to pitch in and help one of these two chefs win the competition," Colicchio tells them. He next asks each of them to say for whom they'd want to work and why. Tiffani clamps her lips, shifts back and forth, and raises her eyebrows. You are SO going down! I remember screaming over this, just knowing, KNOWING most of them would choose Harold. Dave picks Harold. Lee Anne picks Harold. Stephen picks Tiffani, "Just to keep it interesting." Whassup, Stephen -- no more Team Cool for you? Miguel wonders if he should even it out. Colicchio explains that if three of the former cheftestants choose to work with Harold, it will then be Harold's choice. Miguel explains, "I just have a good connection with Harold and I would like to work with Harold." Tiffani bites and rebites her lips.

"Fuck," Harold notes, not happy with having to choose among them. He chooses Lee Anne right away, but instead of choosing between Miguel and Dave, he suggests they draw knives. See? See how fair he's being? He's not even trying to stack his team beyond Lee Anne, even though such stacking would be totally within his rights. Wanna rethink your upcoming backstabbing insinuations, Tiff? No? Well, then you're just a bitch, aren't you? Dave gets the knife block in front of him and swears heavily before he psychs himself up to take hold of the knife. Miguel and Dave draw knives simultaneously. Miguel is with Harold, and Dave is fucked. "It's okay," Dave says quickly. "I'm happy to have you," Tiffani promises just as quickly.

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