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A viewer wants to know about romances in the house, and there's dead silence until Ashley jokes that she and Ash had an affair, and Andy asks if they switched teams for each other. Everyone laughs and Andy uses this as a segue into some of the scandalous behavior in the house. Which basically involves a lot of drinking and jumping into swimming pools. This all came to a head on Mattin's birthday when he got drunk and puked, then got in the hot tub naked. We saw most of that on that episode, but outtakes are always fun, right?

A viewer wants to know if it was hard for the Voltaggios to compete against one another. Michael says that he knew Bryan was a good chef, and then he found out how many other good chefs were in the competition, which just made it harder. He jokes that he meant to take out Bryan earlier, though. Andy brings up that Ilan, Marcel, and Hung worked for the Voltaggios at some point, and they actually encouraged Michael to apply to the show. He went through the application process and the producers asked if he had a brother named Bryan, so they recruited him for the show too. Cue the montage of sibling rivalry, which I kind of love. I know there are people who think the sibling stuff ruined the show, but they act so much like most brothers I know that I really enjoyed seeing it. And I think having Bryan around made Michael more palatable for me. And also, you have to acknowledge that the show played it up, and their actual squabbling was not that big of a part of the show. And they got to spend time together! For the first time in years!

After the montage, Andy asks Michael if he felt guilty about beating his brother. Michael says he does, and he always looked up to Bryan and Bryan inspired him. Michael tells a story about when they were kids, and Michael wanted to watch a TV show, but he was harassing his brother so much that he got sent to his room. After a while, his mom said he could watch the show if he would promise to stop harassing Bryan, and Michael said he might as well stay in his room then, because he couldn't make that promise. And that TV show? ALF. Awesome. Then their mom comes out and won't say who she was rooting for, but Tom jokes that she was rooting for Kevin so that she wouldn't have to pick one. Then she reveals that she and her husband are giving Bryan their fully restored vintage Corvette since he didn't win. If he had won, Michael was going to get their Harley. So who gets the Harley? Are they just keeping it? Aw, Mom.

Weird interstitial. Remember Ron? He had a big laugh. Everyone loved him, apparently.

A viewer wants to know if Eli still lives with his parents and how it affects his dating life. Kevin is dying laughing. Eli explains that he moved back in with them since he wouldn't be getting paid while he was on the show. Kevin defends his situation. Thankfully, Andy doesn't use the word bromance to discuss Kevin and Eli's friendship. Apparently, they spent a long time wandering around together talking about chemical reactions and science and Einstein. At one point, they were so deep in discussion in the Stew Room that they didn't even hear Padma come in. After the montage, Andy reveals that Kevin was accepted to MIT with a full scholarship, which he turned down. Kevin jokes that he would have been the coolest person at MIT and he wasn't ready for that. Uh oh. He just pissed off the nerds.

Mike I. got married! He admits that he's really a nice guy and Padma laughs and asks sarcastically if he thinks he didn't come off as a nice guy. Tom tries to write it off as being from Jersey, and Andy segues into a montage of Mike I. talking about how awesome he is throughout his tenure on the show. And also belching, farting, and talking really loudly. Mike tries to claim that talking shit like that motivates him, because then he feels like he has to live up to it. A viewer asks Jen why she was friends with Mike when he claimed he could cook better than any girl. Jen says that Mike doesn't edit, and Mike admits that he says things without thinking and regrets it later.

Andy brings up how Ashley had a problem with the Vegas wedding challenge, since she can't get married herself in most states, but seemed to not have a problem with the military challenge, when she couldn't openly serve in the military. Ashley says she would never refuse a customer but she was asked point blank about the wedding thing and gave her honest opinion. She concludes, "Getting married in Vegas is as Vegas as showgirls are, and if two showgirls want to get married, they ought to be able to." I wish we had seen more of Ashley's sense of humor on the show.

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