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A viewer wants to know if Robin ever stops talking. Tom points out that she hasn't spoken all night. Andy introduces the montage of Robin talking to herself CONSTANTLY. Afterwards, Robin tries to pretend she's a good sport, but it's tough because Mike and Eli are STILL laughing at her, plus she's kind of bitter. A viewer wonders why no one asked her to be quiet and handle the situation maturely. Robin agrees, and wishes someone had made her aware of it. Mike is still trying to catch people's eye and giggle, because he's an ass. Robin says she didn't have a problem with Mike because he was honest to her face about how he felt.

Andy pushes it further and says that the other chefs weren't treating Robin very well. Let's rehash Robin and Eli's fight, and how everyone was talking shit about her behind her back. And then they show Eli's infamous cancer remark, and even Kevin and Jen talking shit about her in interviews. And her blowup with Michael V. Ouch. No one is laughing at the end. A viewer wonders why Eli was so mean to Robin, and Eli says that he regrets saying it, but he and Robin didn't get along. Toby asks him if he's apologized, and Eli says that he hasn't, and hasn't had the opportunity. Michael says that his fights were all kitchen-based, and Robin brought a mothering quality to the house, and she also dealt shit back, but he's sorry if he offended her. Eli finally realizes that he looks like a dick and he apologizes for his remark. Andy's impressed that they all apologized, because that doesn't happen on the Housewife reunion shows.

After the break, it's time for the blooper reel. People fall down and drop shit and Tom makes a lot of funny faces. You kind of have to see it.

A viewer wants to know what it was like to serve Padma breakfast in bed, and what Padma wore under her robe. Padma jokes that she was naked. Kevin says it got him kind of flustered to walk in and see two beautiful women in bed. Mattin asks Padma if that's the day she got pregnant. I don't know if Mattin understands basic biology. Padma jokes, "I did eat a lot of huevos" and Ashley and Ash fall out laughing. Mike I. of course makes a lewd remark, and then Andy closes it out by congratulating Michael V. again and thanking the other cheftestants. And that's it!

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