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Time to find out who the Fan Favorite is! I'm not that excited about it, so I'm not sure why I used an exclamation point. Richard campaigned on Facebook to win this and they joke about the Bear Vote. But the winner is... Fabio! Let's remember why people voted for him through a clip package. Monkey ass! Clam shell! Toby asks Stefan if he's glad he didn't win Fan Favorite, and everyone laughs. Fabio says he's going to put the money into remodeling his restaurant and expanding his business. He adds that his mom is doing okay, and he'd love to bring her over to this country. Toby asks Hosea how his dad is doing, and Hosea says he's struggling a bit. Fabio adds that they have to support their families. And on that downer note, the reunion is over! See you next season.

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