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The Cake Mix Controversy

Last week, Stephen got a dressing down for dressing idiot, but Miguel was sent home for all his fishy fuck ups.

Morning in San Francisco. Stephen gets dressed. Harold greets him, "What's the word on the street?" and Stephen, pathetically still thinking he's on Team Cool, tells us, "I see Harold and I going somewhat far in this competition and we have mutual respect for each other. You know, we are the best chefs amongst the rest of the group." Tiffani promises us, "At no point am I going to attack anyone in this competition." You mean, "from this point on," right? Because, I mean, really, Tiffani.

Quickfire Challenge. The Katie Leebot drones that the next Elimination Challenge will be for them to work as a team to cater a wedding. For the Quickfire, the chefs have to individually pitch the bridal couple a wedding menu. No immunity for this Quickfire; the winning wedding menu will be the one, obviously, that the cheftestants work together to execute. The Katie Leebot calls in the bridal couple, Scott and Scott. For some odd reason, Dave looks the most confused out of everyone standing there. What, he thought gays couldn't get married? As the Scotti walk in, Stephen goes on about how there are two grooms, which means they will be able to do more exciting, colorful, and flavorful things. Yeah, because straight people are so boring when it comes to food. No, really -- it's biologically hard-wired into their hetero-ness: Must. Eat. And. Screw. Only. White. Bread. On the other hand, if Stephen suggests a rainbow sorbet, I'm leaving. The Scotti say they are looking for a Pan-Asian menu with fusion influences. Well, if it's Pan-Asian, I think it's safe to assume there will automatically be a few fusion elements going on there. The Scotti want a prawn canapé for the reception and an amuse bouche and four courses, including dessert, for the dinner. They specifically request a wedding cake. Thunderclouds descend on the cheftestants. "The thought of making a wedding cake -- at this point I'm just, like, fuuuuuuuuuck," Harold tells us. The Scotti would like to sample prawn cocktail offerings from all the cheftestants. The cheftestants have ninety minutes to "design a minu," sketch a wedding cake, and prepare a cold prawn hors d'oeuvres. The cheftestants have to keep in mind that the Scotti have one hundred guests attending and a food budget of three thousand dollars.

The cheftestants prep, sketch, and plan. Dave reminds us that he has a lot of experience in catering, so he hopes the Scotti pick his menu because he knows it's one they can execute. Lee Anne explains that the cheftestants were given paper and art supplies to work with and she decided to do illustrative watercolors to explain her menu and concept. She even fools around with origami. You go, Lee Anne! Harold tells us he wasn't feeling very confident and we see him drop his pen and start laughing at his artistic attempts. "There's no White Out?" he asks Tiffani. Dammit, Jim -- he's a cook, not an artist! Time's up.

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