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The Cake Mix Controversy

Morning dawns and the cheftestants are still working. Dave tells us that they were running late and there was still a lot to do, so he jumped in and helped. He made butter creams, cleaned scallops, and did his dish on top of it all. Tiffani tells us, "Dave's great but at the same time... " But at the same time, you can't resist being a bitch, right? "... at the same time, I knew that he was trying to do too much. I think people overextend themselves way too much, they try to do too much and it reflects in their dishes," Tiffani finishes.

The Scotti arrive with their cute puppy and tell the cameras how nervous they are about all the people coming. They don't seem too worried about the cheftestants and the food. Meanwhile, the poor cheftestants are exhausted and worried.

After the commercial break, we are one hour away from the reception. The cheftestants file into the dining room to meet Colicchio, Gail, and the Bot. The Bot introduces their guest judge, Marcy Blum, wedding planner to the stars. Apparently, Marcy planned the Bot's wedding to the Piano Man. "By the end of the night, Scott and Scott will be starting their new life together, and one of you will be starting your journey home," the Bot threatens. The cheftestants return to the kitchen.

More food flurry. Harold thinks the wedding cake is the only thing that should take a lot of time. Tiffani tells us they were all tired but they were scrambling. Stephen opines that everyone was more stressed than they needed to be. Lee Anne decorates the three-tiered wedding cake with orchids.

Elsewhere, the Scotti proceed with their commitment ceremony. The Scotti cry. The guests cry.

Kitchen. Stephen presents the apparently new news that the canapés will be passed for an hour and a half at the reception. They don't have enough canapés for an hour and a half. Lee Anne calls out to grab some Dungeness crab and make some sort of crab puffs with pâte a choux (cream puff pastry). Dave has another idea to make something similar to what he did for the Quickfire. Dave combines the crabmeat with pineapple, cucumber, mirin, and lime juice and makes some sort of a canapé on pita chips. Looks and sounds good. Go Dave! The canapés go out. The guests really like both. One guest bawls, "FABulous" when she eats the crab on pita. One of the servers reports to Dave that the Scotti are really happy with the canapés. However, it's time for the judges to weigh in. The Bot asks Marcy and Gail what they thought of the shrimp toast. "It was very greasy," Gail drawls. "It had no flavor at all," Marcy adds.

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