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The Cake Mix Controversy

Colicchio reminds Lee Anne that it was her menu and her responsibility to taste everything. Did she taste everything? Yes, she did. And everything was done to her liking? Not necessarily. Again, I should bring up that we heard a lot of the cheftestants had bad head colds throughout this competition, which definitely would have affected their taste buds. Lee Anne is very disappointed in herself, she wishes she could have done better. "The flavors just weren't there at all -- it was a pretty watered-down version of everything," Colicchio says and then goes on to attack the salmon salad. Harold shrugs that he trusts his palate and he thought it tasted good. The Bot tells Harold it was the Scotti's least favorite dish. "I'm sorry," Harold shrugs. The Bot demands to know who decided to use cake mix. Harold says he threw the idea out there because he's used it before and been happy with the result. "One guest found an egg shell in their cake," Gail reports gleefully. Harold takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes hard. Colicchio asks if everyone pulled their weight. Lee Anne announces that the one person she doesn't think should go home is Dave. Tiffani rolls her eyes. Shut up, Tiffani. "You know, he's such a positive energy in the kitchen. He was just really helpful, whatever anyone needed, he was there for us, and I think his catering experience came in very handy tonight," Lee Anne finishes. Colicchio turns to Dave and shrugs that he just got a pass from the team leader, "Let's just assume for the moment that you are safe, who did you want to see contribute more?" Stephen, of course. Oh, and by the way, it's a bit obvious that Colicchio has nothing but contempt for Dave. It's okay, everyone's entitled to their hate. ["Thank you!" --Joe R] Dave goes off about the dirty, stickered soupspoons they had to deal with while Stephen was "off selling wine." Tiffani joins in, "Stephen was also the only person that only focused on his dish without focusing on any petit fours or the cake." Stephen weakly says he was in the kitchen and he only left a few times. "The director of catering for the hotel asked me how we would like the food served and I was gone for five minutes," Stephen says. Oh, the director of catering did that, did he? I don't really buy that one little bit. Dave shakes his head. Harold looks uncomfortable. Stephen goes on, "You know, we have four capable people in the kitchen and I feel confident in this team that I can leave for a second and, you know --" Tiffani interrupts, smiling primly and tightly, "Let's not make this seem like our failure." She's right, but she's still a bitch, and she's using the Royal "We." Stephen says he told the kitchen when he was leaving, Tiffani says he never told them. Stephen says someone had to take charge of the front of the house, Lee Anne tells him it was more his place to make sure the Scotti had a great wedding. Marcy compliments him on directing the wait staff to "sweep the room" with the service. She was impressed by that level of sophistication. Marcy's compliment aside, Gail determines that Lee Anne did not tell Stephen to perform that service. When asked, Stephen announces that he would get rid of Lee Anne because she should take responsibility for how ambitious her menu was, "It was a mess, a complete mess." I'd like to see how they would've gotten on with your golly ghee-poached lobster menu, dude. You know what? Forget the fish, just get the Vaudeville hook and yank this imbecile off because I'd rather eat with the winners than drink with the taints. The winners are much more fun. Harold is frowning deeply. Lee Anne says if they want to send her home, fine. She was not happy with her own performance and she will accept responsibility. Harold defends Lee Anne, saying she did stuff that wasn't necessarily felt or seen in the dining room and, "From a cook's standpoint, she definitely won my respect." Stephen snaps his dropped jaw closed. He's off Team Cool and he knows it. The cheftestants are excused.

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