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Gone Fishin'
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Before the opening credits, we get some new footage from the previous episode. While in the Stew Room, Jamie confessed that she thought her name was going to be called, not Casey's. But the judges called Casey's food "inedible," which is the kiss of death. Antonia points out that Casey at least tried something different and didn't just "put up a dumpling." Um, burn? Meanwhile, Marcel is complaining because apparently Dale only made eight good portions (the ones for the judges, I guess?) and still won. So when Dale was talking about calling people out for not working last week, he was talking about himself? Or maybe Marcel is exaggerating? Anyway, Marcel feels like he was robbed, AS USUAL. Dale interviews that Marcel should count his plates, so I guess Dale is denying it.

That night, the ladies all go to sleep, but some of the dudes are upstairs drinking on the roof. It's Marcel, Tre, and Dale. Marcel is swigging gin straight out of the bottle, and he gets all up in Dale's face, claiming that Dale is a pussy who gamed the system for the win. The most embarrassing part is that Marcel has put on his "street" persona to issue this proclamation, and it's just sad. Dale deals with it calmly and then wisely gets up and leaves. Marcel's drunk; there's no reasoning with him. Dale interviews that it's a good thing he took anger management classes, or Marcel would be getting a beating. I'm glad. Dale could win this thing, and he doesn't need to get sent home for kicking Marcel's ass, no matter how much Marcel deserves it. Tre has one of the greatest interviews of the season when he says that, over the weeks, he's noticed that "Marcel is kind of an asshole." Heh.

The next morning, the cheftestants have to wake up at 4:30 AM for a mystery activity. I love how they show everyone groaning and pulling the covers over their heads, and then Carla is all calmly frying herself an egg in the kitchen while drinking coffee. She would be the best roommate. She would probably make you breakfast, and you know she's tidy. Anyway. The cheftestants report to the kitchen and find no Padma. Tiffany jokes that no one woke Padma up that early. Maybe her baby did. Anyway, they find a note and a map telling them to go to Montauk, which is allllllllllll the way out at the end of Long Island. No, further. No, FURTHER. Like, go until you can't go anymore, and that's where it is. That would be quite a drive. No wonder they had to get up early. There's also a sign on the table that says, "Gone Fishing," so the cheftestants know what they're going to do once they get there. Obviously, hunting wild game, right? So then there's a commercial for their vehicles as they drive out to Montauk.

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