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Sheldon is riding high after his Restaurant Wars win, as well he should be. It certainly got him some respect in this competition, and with Kristen out now, maybe he's a frontrunner. Brooke tells Stefan and Sheldon that if she ever in a million years thought that Kristen would be eliminated, she would have said something in her defense to the judges. Stefan interviews that Kristen should have thrown Josie under the bus, because it's a competition. They all hope Kristen will return via Last Chance Kitchen.

Josie is whining to Lizzie that she feels "heavy" but she refuses to roll over and take the blame for someone else. Like Kristen did? Josie dabs at her eyes and says she doesn't care what others think. She doesn't? Lizzie interviews that Josie thinks everyone else thinks she should have gone home. What Lizzie is too nice to say is that Josie should have gone home and everyone does hate her.

The cheftestants enter the kitchen to find Padma waiting with master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi. So their Quickfire Challenge is to impress a sushi master. He advises them to keep it simple: rice and fish, and make your diners happy. Padma explains that there will no longer be immunity, but they can win $5,000. And... go!

Scramble, scramble, scramble. Brooke interviews that she and her husband probably eat sushi three times a week but it's scary to cook for the master. Josh is less experienced with sushi, since he lives in Oklahoma. Kind of landlocked, that state. So Josh is making a breakfast sandwich, which Stefan interviews is really dumb and he might get his fingers cut off like the Japanese mafia. Stefan is having chef's block in that he can't figure out what to make. Sheldon thinks everyone will be looking at him since he's Asian, but he doesn't make a lot of sushi. His twist is making lemon charcoal but setting a lemon on fire. Interesting idea. I wonder if it tastes anything like lemon or just tastes burnt. Josie has sushi experience, in that at least she knows not to handle the fish too much lest the heat from your hands start to cook the fish slightly. Josie tells no one (because no one asked) that she's doing New England clam chowder sort of? And then interviews that she's had sushi parties where you eat sushi off naked women. Wasn't that only a thing people did on reality shows in like 2005? That was something people did in real life? I guess Josie did.

Stefan finally gets started, and decides to make two items. He doesn't really explain why he's doing two or how they complement one another. Lizzie interviews that she hasn't made sushi in about ten years, and sushi isn't her art. I get that. Sushi is so specific and if you don't live in a coastal area, you probably don't have much experience with it.

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