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Packard house. Josie introduces her cousin "Jonathan" to Pete, who turns out to be the Asian man who has been sitting in the Great Northern looking very, very ominous for the last four weeks. She botches her English in the form of asking Pete if he will fetch Jonathan some "joe," for after a long flight, "it will help him reset his biographical clock." AH! Stop them. Pete leaves. Jonathan judges: "Don't know how you lasted six years. Nothing but hayseeds and manual laborers." Hey, Ponytail? Step off it, okay? Or I'll be forced to return the cultural-stereotype favor and comment on how the collective townspeople of Twin Peaks are still waiting for the stamps and packing material to be removed completely from Andrew's once-and-future mail-order bride. Don't make me say that, okay? 'Cause it will stir up all sorts of trouble. Anyway, Jonathan and Josie leap right into their collective teachings out of the Guide To Fourth-Grade-Play Acting, From 'Our Town' To, Well, 'Our Town', as Josie backstories, "Signing the contract soon. I. Need. Pete's. Signature. He's. Katherine's. Heir." Josie worries that "there might be a problem with Hank." One problem? Jonathan promises to "deal with Hank." Then he says something about a "Mr. Eckhardt" wanting to see her. Jonathan asks about "the sheriff." Josie slips: "He means nothing to me." Is it getting late enough in the series yet that there's hilarious comic potential in starting to refer to Josie's acting as "wooden"? Get it? GET IT? You will.

And, back at the Roadhouse, Cooper waits for his Bookhouse Boy, and Truman sidles up at what I guess must be nine-thirty and proudly states: "Nine-thirty. Right on the tick." It dawns on Cooper: Truman sent himself. Awww.

And finally, to the Double R we go, where the place is closed and Hank is pissed as hell to be answering a knock on the door at this late hour. The knocking stops. Hank fetches a flashlight from behind the counter and shines it on the aforementioned Cousin Jonathan, who is now bedecked in a black hat and trench coat, looking very Bond villain-esque. Somehow, he's inside the diner. He kicks Hank's ass to within an inch of his ambiguously evil life, then stands above him, squeezing their fingers together and somehow producing blood. He announces, "Blood brother. Next time I take your head off." Then he raises the flashlight and smashes it right into something ambiguous, be it the ground or Hank's face. But we won't know for another week, as the shot cuts abruptly to the closing credits. Holland-tastic, indeed.

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