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shut-ins live next to each other on the same street in this town or what? No wonder Laura was the only person involved in the entire Meals on the Wheels program. Donna saunters next door and knocks. No answer. So she extracts a paper and pen and scribes a note that begins "Dear Mr. Smith," but we don't see the rest. Ooooh. How tribal-council-cutaway of them. She begins to walk away, but turns around just in time to spot an unseen presence staring at her through the closed Venetians. She turns and leaves, just happy and relieved to finally be away from all that so-called "food."

And now, yet again, an example of the paced cultish fun times that inspired the next in a series of frustrated memoranda from ABC execs faxed over in all great haste to Lynch/Frost for the hundredth time. In this episode. Cooper and Truman enter the hospital room in which Ronette Pulaski has been doing time since the pilot, and the two locate black stools which they wheel over to her bed. They are not locked in place, though, and Truman's endless attempt to spin the top part around really quickly to make it travel in either direction yields no results of any kind. Cooper sheepishly excuses himself to Ronette. So Truman kneels down to seek instructions, which read, "Stop. Read operating instructions of this seat before using." Cooper observes that he cannot stand or stoop down due to his obvious injuries, and Truman's recitation of the operating procedures answer his plea: "Do not remain seated." Stupid chair. The girl who has just come out of a coma gazes up at the ceiling while the two bungling detectives finally work it out, all the while Cooper sheepishly apologizing anew. They sit. The end. Kind of. Cooper and Ronette lock eyes, and though she isn't speaking he can tell he has her attention. He tells her that he will be showing her sketches, and he needs to know if either of the men in these sketches represents "the man that hurt [her]." Leo's picture is first. Her eyes focus, and she shakes her head. Next up, BOB! Want to guess if her reaction is NOT a wide-eyed look of post-comatose horror followed by tranquilizer-necessitating shrieks? Wrong! Ronette screams "Train, train, train" like a latter day Long Duck Dong with alternate transportational intentions. Truman calls for a nurse and, for reasons of what I only imagine concern directorial excess of some extensive variety, the lights go out with the pop of an exploding bulb. Automobile?

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