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Episode Nine

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Major Problems

Cooper is having a big ol' nightmare about scary doings about town. BOB walking, Sarah Palmer running down the steps, the ceiling fan fanning, My Giant and the major intoning, "The owls are not what they seem," BOB behind the bed, BOB with an owl's face transposed on his own face. This Cutting Room Floor Footage Of The Damned is currently interrupted by a ringing phone, and Cooper answers to find a tearful and terrified Audrey on the other end. She offers, "I saw you in your tuxedo. You looked like a movie star." She listens to him for a moment and then continues, "I am in trouble, but I'm gonna come home now." The camera pans dramatically down the length of the phone cord in Lynch's blatant directorial rip-off of, well, himself actually, and a hand presses down the receiver button and hangs the thing up. It's Blackie, with Emory Battis appearing behind her. "Trouble, Miss Horne?" she asks. "You don't even know what trouble is. Not by a long shot." Those of us plagued with a lifetime full of "Just You" stuck in our collective consciousness until the day we die know exactly what she means.

Karaoke, dude. It just plain rocks.

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