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And in the final moments of this week's episode, we find ourselves in Doctor Jacoby's office as he is putting a cassette tape in a recorder and pressing play: "Hey, what's up, Doc? It's Laura Palmer, in case you haven't guessed." He plugs in a pair of headphones and carries them with him across the room as we learn that Laura is in a "weird mood," reporting that "James is sweet. But he's so dumb." Um? Can I make one more "well, he's pretty advanced for his age" joke and still get away with it this late in the recap? Fine. I just did. Walking across the room, Jacoby pulls a coconut out of a fake tropical tree of some kind in one corner of his office (yes, it is just that tastefully decorated). Laura reports that she just knows that she's going to "get lost in those woods again tonight." She begins a sentence, "You remember me telling you about that mystery man?" But Jacoby puts the headphones on all the way and we cannot hear the rest of her oratory. He lies down in his patient's chair and cracks open the coconut and removes, of all things, a half of a gold heart. He holds it up and emotes some downright frightful hybrid between laughing and crying as the closing credits roll over a song or two we've all doubtless heard before.

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