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Over at Josie's phone call, we cut to Katherine on the other end, sitting on a bed in some as yet indeterminate location. Deep in full queen-bitch-goddess mode (as well it should be), Katherine tells Josie that "your sentimental, good-will shenanigans cost us yesterday -- you do know what 'shenanigans' are, don't you?" She goes on to tell Josie that shutting down the mill cost them over $87,000, which she can't imagine would have "made brother Andrew happy." Katherine hangs up the phone and picks up a glass of wine, and another glass of wine in the hand of a person we do not see toasts her heartily in her continuing effort to ensure that Josie ceases to feel so on top of this particular morning, after all.

Back in the Martell kitchen, a shot of Pete incredulously sniffing the contaminated coffee pot cuts to Josie once more in the presence of Cooper and Truman. She asks them what "shenanigans" means. Cooper volunteers, "Nonsense, mischief, often a deceitful or treacherous trick." Josie looks sadly downward: "And, um, what do all those words mean?" Okay, she doesn't say that.

Cut to Katherine once more in the hotel room, where the hand with the wine turns into Ben Horne putting his suit on and preparing to leave. Katherine sits in bed, cynically asking why he has to rush off every time. Katherine is growing impatient with some terribly devious plan the two have taken pains to cook up, but Ben offers the optimistic possibility that "a few more local tragedies and Josie might just run the old mill into the ground all by herself." Katherine indicates that she would like to bankrupt the mill far more quickly than a slow draining process would allow for, and she even worries that her "knothead husband may peek in the ledger and sniff out the creative arithmetic." Ben proposes a plan it sounds as if he's suggested dozens of times, saying, "Maybe it's time to start a little fire." Katherine flirts, "Are you talking about business or pleasure?" Ben responds with his trademark "look, Katherine, I do intend to have sex again today, it just probably won't be with you" subtext, telling her deadpan, "I'm talking about the Packard Saw Mill." But the idea of it gets Ben all hot and bothered again, and after he commences kissing Piper Laurie's feet for a spell (which, truth be told, makes me less than hot and more than a little bothered), he takes off his jacket and settles in for another round of off-camera coital fun times I'm pretty sure we have no need to be part of.

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