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Out With The Good

Burning mill. Pete tells a fire marshal that Katherine might still be inside, puts on his safety goggles, and utters the sentiment, "She's still my wife," before flying into the blaze. Over at Jacks (I'm trying to establish the connection between these two events by not starting a new paragraph. Am I the most clever or what?), Ben and his Icelandic friend again pat each other on the back for finally procuring the Ghostwood land. Ben sends Sven off for the post-contract-signing coitus of his dreams, then has a private audience with Blackie in which he tells her that this event calls for a celebration: "Let's have a look at the new girl." Noooooooooo! Over at New Girl's room (no names. But I think hers might be Hester), Audrey hears the voice of her approaching father tell her that what she's about to experience is "what dreams are made of."

Cooper returns to his room, walking down the hall with Diane, letting her know who's been arrested and who is still under suspicion, basically recounting the events of the last hour for our convenience. He notices that the large group of insane men staying on his floor "have either checked or passed out." He has ordered some hot milk, he tells her, and comments on the good times that room service brings about. He enters his room to find Audrey's note on the floor, but before he gets around to opening it (she addressed it to "My special agent." Awwwwwww), the phone rings. Cooper asks if it can wait until the morning, then puts down the receiver to answer a knock on the door, what he believes to be his room service. Of hot lead. As he walks over, we pan closer to the phone receiver and hear Andy yelling they they've found Leo Johnson. Cooper opens the door, he sees a gun. Bang. Bang. Bang. Cooper hits the floor. In just about the most unambiguous way I know.

To be continued. Next season.

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