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The steely gaze of Jacoby's frozen eye morphs slowly into a spinning roulette table (I'm sorry, is this Hoffa?), and we're back across the border at One-Eyed Jacks. Jacques and Cooper are locked in what appears to be a private game of blackjack, and Cooper smiles broadly when hitting twenty-one on his eighth card beats Jacques' two kings. Coo-PER! Coo-PER! Coo-PER! On Cooper's prophetic "Mother always said I was born lucky," a young painted harlot, of some prostitutional repute, I am sure, propositions Cooper in his ear, and he has the good grace to turn her down and console that "maybe later" would be a better occasion for some tryst-y fun times. Cooper sees that this moment might make for a good time to change the topic to all things underworldly. He produced the $1000 poker chip with the large chunk missing, which formerly took up residence inside of Laura's small intestine, and slides it across the table to Jacques with the baiting sentiment, "I'm a friend of Leo's." Jacques seems to be able to discern this particular poker chip from the millions of other poker chips One-Eyed Jacks has to offer, or perhaps Jacques came to know Laura so intimately that he can even recognize the digestive juices that contributed to the eating away of this chip to begin with. Either way, something flickers in Jacques' already suspicious, fleshy eyes (yes, even his eyes are fat somehow), and he seems to accept an invitation from Cooper to "buy [him] a cocktail." Even his eyes are fat.

Upstairs in Blackie's office, two more painted harlots flank the door and a newly-sexed-up Audrey (I mean Hester. HESTER! See how much I know about all that excessive Hester-calling going on around these parts? A lot! That's how much) enters the room, wearing a white (of course) bustier flecked with very, very small red ("of course" times a thousand) bows. Blackie tells her to approach the desk, and as she does so, Audrey briefly spots Cooper on a surveillance camera Blackie has been watching. Blackie tells her this will be a good night to break her in, as the owner of the joint will be coming by and he "likes to spend some time with all the new girls." Audrey asks just who that mysterious owner might be, and Blackie tells her, "No names, child. You don't offer. And you don't ask." Good news for the Hester-blundering population of the recapping world running around out there, wherever they may be. Blackie tells Audrey to pick a card from a deck that lies conveniently on her desk. Because it makes for extremely stylish television, is why.

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