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Out With The Good

Truman and Andy park it covertly in the police cruiser, waiting for the Renault deal to go down. Truman passes the time with an inquiry into the current status of Andy and Lucy's relationship, and Andy deadpans, much to my glee, "As we say in the law enforcement game, it's a cold trail." Truman verily seems to stifle a snarky recap of Andy's last comment, including even the relatively congenial and simple to create, "Oh, so that's we say? We say that, then, do we?" I expect another round of machismo driven "can't live with 'em, pass the beernuts"-esque male bonding, the likes of which we haven't seen since the shooting gallery sequence some weeks back, but pesky plot seeps in where talk of a-huntin' and a-fishin' and a-shootin' defenseless animals and the love of a fine, fine filly all collectively fear to tread, as Hawk chimes in on the CB that the cops are on their way. The next in a seemingly endless series of fish-related metaphors tells us that Jacques is in range and Cooper will probably miss the initial arrest. All of which is probably for the best, as the arrest reaches some rather botched proportions. Jacques steps out of a car some feet from where the cruiser sits, clad in a flannel shirt and about five days' worth of facial hair accrued within the last hour. His arrival is an obvious indicator for a battalion of law-enforcing storm-troopers to blare their own lights and ride on into position. Truman pronounces Renault under arrest "for the attempted murder of Ronette Pulaski and the murder of Laura Palmer." But before local law enforcement guy can secure the fat Canuck in the handcuffs of the damned, Jacques uses his copious perspiration as a Bond weapon and wriggles to temporary freedom, grabbing a gun from aforementioned law enforcement guy's holster. Cries of, conveniently, "gun" and "he's gotta gun" -- and maybe that one law enforcement official with a high taste for camp and an upcoming audition for the ill-fated Cop Rock singing a clip or two from Pat Benetar's ode to carbine reverence, "Hit me with your best shot. Fire away." Pandemonium as Jacques prepares to wield said gun. But just at this moment, another shot rings out and slams Jacques in the shoulder. It was Andy. Perfect hit. All hail the first cycle-completing story arc in the history of the show.

A phone rings at the Hayward house, and Donna waits until her father picks it up in another room before retiring to the kitchen, where she meets James and Maddy with the cassette tape recovered from Jacoby's office which was recorded by Laura the day before she died. The tape is the very one we heard Jacoby listening to way back at the beginning of it all, except I am utterly and completely sure it is a different recording of said tape. But it really serves the same purpose, even more so this time, as James is finally around to hear himself called "sweet but he's so dumb. And I can take only so much of sweet." James looks mournfully at the tape recorder in that "but my frontal lobe isn't even fully formed yet" glazed way we're becoming all too familiar with, and then he looks away with a far less certain "wait, I am James, right?" mien. The tape continues that her "mystery man" drives a red Corvette and has tried to kill her and that he really lights her "F-I-R-E." Red Corvette, you say? If this mystery man has red hair, eats fish, and is an avid golfer, I think we may just have a warrant to arrest Carmen Sandiego. Somebody break out the World Almanac and let's have a look-see!

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