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Katherine brings the office reorganization skills she showed back at "Accounting" into her house's library, almost allowing me to make a contrived joke with absolutely no set-up but with the punch line "homewrecker" in no short supply. She's tearing the place apart, yelling, "It's not here, it's not here." Pete continues his streak of being a total favorite for all time immemorial, amen, when, amongst the screaming and the throwing and general cacophony of a lunatic at large, he begins musing over his high-school yearbook which he has unearthed amidst the rubble. The phone rings. I say, good show, is that the lusty ring of ambiguous evil that pierces the night? Ah, yes. I'd know it anywhere. An ambiguously evil voice offers, "It's at the mill." What is? "What you're looking for." Katherine wants to know what she needs to provide in exchange for this information, and the ambiguous evil on the other line ambiguously and evilly tells her that he will let her know. My God, man. Who is this monster? Cut to the other end. Hank Jennings hangs up a pay phone. Wow. Er, I mean, "not wow." Back at the Martell house, Katherine grabs a gun from the secret drawer which should also contain numerous mathematical interpretations of the mill's simultaneously increasing and declining profits. She checks, I believe, to be certain that the gun is unloaded. The reasons for this pronounced move are left ambiguous. But in an evil kind of way. Of course.

And back at the Double R, Hank makes nicey-nice with his unambiguously super-terrific lady of a wife. He sits on the counter while she stays at a nearby table idly holding receipts, and he tells her as such: "Night after night I dreamed of you lying there on that big feather bed." She prefers ghastly silence to the continuing mental image of those long, mullety hairs getting all on and in her supple down comforter, and he apologizes for being so "familiar with the boss lady." She absolves him in that bad-ass Norma way we haven't heard from her in a while: "Can't blame you for dreaming." Heh. He continues that he wants his life with her back, and that he's going to try and be the best golly-gosh-darned husband he knows how to be. And then they kiss. She looks mournfully down. Over at the Hurley place, Ed walks in on Nadine and calls for an ambulance.

Commercials: Say, I don't want to alarm anyone here, but Roseanne might be pregnant. And while we're checking out what's on ABC's Tuesday slate, make sure to keep those eyes peeled for a "special preview" (read: only episode) of Married People, a show about a wacky landlord that suggests "Archie Bunker make way for Nick Williams." Don't worry, Archie Bunker, you can move back in one episode. You won't have to make way for too long, really. Oh, and incidentally, we've all been invited to "get a little closer." Arrid says it's okay. So who's comin' over?

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