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Out With The Good

Truman and Cooper make their way back into the Sheriff's Station, and Lucy stops them to let them know that Leo Johnson called them, and that she could hear the clock at Easter Park striking in the background. Go, intrepid Lucy. Cooper sets up a perimeter of officers around Easter Park. Slater Fetus enters just then, and Cooper tells him they must speak. Turning around in the controlled, countrified mayhem, Truman walks directly into Leland, who asks, "Is it true? You found him? You've got the killer?" Truman tells him that they've arrested a suspect but can't release any more details, and all Leland wants to know is if they've got the right man. I don't know, Leland. Do they? The good doctor happens by and tells him to go home and rest, and Leland craftily inquires, "You're going back to the hospital?" Hayward says he's going home. Leland, temporarily alone in the office, turns almost directly to the camera, registers a sinister glare we're just not used to seeing in a man of his noble standing and of his notable grief. He speaks the word "hospital." That's right, Leland. Make haste. And be sure to say hi to everyone else in town for us as well. Just, y'know, while you're there.

Meanwhile, over in a mysteriously dark conference room, James is getting himself into an amniotic sac full of trouble when he hands the tape of Laura to Cooper but can't come up with a story as to where he got it. Cooper tells James about Jacoby's heart attack, asking, "James, what kind of dangerous games you been playing?" Cooper tells James he's been extremely patient with him, but that from now on, he's "gonna need a better set of answers." Enter the planted cocaine from the first act going off in the third, which Harry brings into the room. Blah blah blah fetal position joke here, and I need a new method of description for James Hurley, starting next week I promise.

Over at Jacks, the leader of the Icelanders finalizes his deal for Ghostwood as some obscure group of indistinguishable northerners signs the damn papers already. Ben is overjoyed enough to suffer a fool gladly for about ten full seconds of merriment until the phone rings. It's Hank, which is important because the intents of each character in this scene were so well-defined and rigidly coherent it had just started to give me the beginnings of a migraine. Hank says something about Leo "getting a house call," which Ben seems to think is just a fine idea indeed. Everything's right in the world for Ben.

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