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Episode Sixteen

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The cigarette catches the smoke alarm and the hallway fills with water spraying from the ceiling. Inside Leland's cell, the water falls as well, and Leland screams and runs toward the wall at full force, slamming his head into the cement and falling to the floor. The other men enter in a hurry, and Cooper holds Leland in his arms (awwww) as Leland suddenly comes to his senses and remembers, "I killed her. Oh, my God. I killed my daughter. I didn't know." Pathoscakes, until exposition comes back to play, with Leland weeping, "I was just a boy. I saw him in my dream. He asked if I wanted to play. He opened me. And I invited him in. And he came inside me." Um, there's some imagery I have absolutely no idea what to do with, m'kay? And as Sad Strings predictably rages, Leland offers many and varied "what have I done," and then begins to fade away as Cooper, looking twelve with his tousled hair, cradles Leland in his arms. He offers a little speech about looking to the light, and Leland dies. He killed Laura Palmer, you know. And have known. And now know again.

And we're outside, Cooper, Albert, and Truman walking on a woodsy path toward a strangely resurgent Major Briggs. Truman slumps down against a tree and observes that Leland was "completely insane," but even the cynical-as-all-get-out Albert admits that "People saw BOB. People saw him in visions. Laura, Maddy, Sarah Palmer." Truman is having some trouble grasping the concept, and Cooper posits that Book of Scruples query, "Harry, is it easier to believe a man who would rape and murder his own daughter any more comforting?" In fact, it is not. Albert coins one of the only memorable lines in what should have been a cornerstone of interesting television, wondering, "Maybe that's all BOB is. The evil that men do. Maybe it doesn't matter what we call it." Truman asks where BOB is now that he got away from them, triggering one more Blair Witch-cam survey of the crime site, accompanied by an owl-not-what-it-seems hurtling toward the camera at an unsafe, unoriginal speed.

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