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Hawk drives along a road in the woods, and he happily stumbles across a dazed and wandering Briggs. Hawk gets out of the cruiser to help him, and Briggs falls into his arms, mumbling, "Which way is the castle?" Cut to back inside the police station, where an all sorts of out-of-sorts Briggs "checks out okay physically," according to Truman. Gee. That was doubtlessly a rigorous set of tests. I wonder if they included the "ask if he's okay" test and the "find out from another hick cop if that guy over there looks okay to you" test. Cooper takes a glance at him and concludes, "He's been shot full of haloperidol." Truman, to my endless amusement, conclusively observes, "Right!" Cooper could have noted, "He's been swallowed whole by a hippopotamus" or "By gum, that's Zsa Zsa Gabor you've pulled out of the woods!" and Truman would have tossed back pretty much the identical response. Right! Whatever. Cooper leans in real close to the shaking, blanket-swathed mess of a former Major and yells, "Garland?" Briggs pauses a moment before having an actual, non-syntactically-cloudy moment of introspection: "Garland? An odd name. Judy Garland?" Yes. Judy Garland. Briggs vamps on about being taken to "the woods," but that, sadly, "the King of Romania was not able to attend." Which sucks, because he rules at a party. You haven't lived until you've seen that guy do the limbo. Cooper takes Truman across the room, warning him, "Harry, we're in trouble. If the door to the Black Lodge does exist, it probably exists at a point in time. Now, an object such as a door normally exists at a point in time and space." Truman is soon to tell Cooper, "You lost me." Cooper clarifies, "If we're not at the right place at exactly the right time, we won't be able to find our way in." Andy, from the board, asks, "Sheriff? Could the 4-H Club have anything to do with all of this?"

Maison de Martell. After last week's epic (to me…and, well, me) celebration of Eckhardt's birthday, this scene can't help but disappoint slightly. Katherine sits at the kitchen table reading a newspaper, while Pete and Brother Andrew struggle with a vice and grunt, "This has to be the last box. Look at it!" Katherine notes that "whatever is in there had better be worth a fortune." Brother Andrew thinks that it might just be a block of stainless steel, "Eckhardt's last little joke." Because he was always such a cut-up with his Bond impersonation and his six-dollar sunglasses. After another failed turn of the vice, Brother Andrew loses his patience completely and rears back, removes a gun from his jacket, and shoots with such precision that the floor shows no damage at all and the carpet doesn't even appear to budge. But! Brother Andrew picks up the box (correction…there are two bullet holes in the counter…God, I feel better) and removes a key, which Katherine takes quickly. They decide that it should be kept "in plain sight," and Katherine tosses it on a cake plate, Katherine really overwroughtly bellowing, "How about here! In the cake saver!" Cake saver? You guys? Get a cake.

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