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Episode Twenty-Eight (1)

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Yoko, Oh No!

The women stand together on the Roadhouse stage in great anticipation as Doc Hayward announces Annie as the winner. Much happy screaming. Robyn Lively looks out in horror, but Dick tells the mayor that he was swayed by the speech from hell. The mayor thinks that it's "an outrage!" The good doctor hands Annie a bouquet of flowers, and the lights go out and the early-'90s TV panic lighting of a strobe kicks in. Nadine runs into the frame just in time to get knocked unconscious by a falling sandbag, and Hayward grabs Annie's arm but loses her just seconds later. Cooper spots the Log Earle across the crowded room, just as an explosion fells him momentarily, and just as Earle grabs Yoko and takes off. The lights flip back on, and the place empties. Truman runs out and promises to apprehend Annie, but Andy runs up to Cooper at the final second and informs him, vis-à-vis the blackboard drawing, "It's not a puzzle! It's a map!" Tell me we didn't already know that. Tell me Cooper didn't know that. Tell me the remaining national audience, confused as all get out that the series finale starts in only five minutes rather than ending right now, doesn't lunge for the dial, sending pre-Cool-Ranch crumbs to the floor, and switch over to Major Dad.

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