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Episode Twenty-Nine (2)

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How's Annie?
Back in Black. Cooper and Tiny Tim bless us all, everyone, by returning to the seats they occupied during The Dream, TLMFAP finally looking directly at Cooper and speaking the backwards/forwards words, "When you see me again, it won't be me." Not cryptic enough for me, Mr. Lynch. Maybe next time you could have him speaking in backwards and in French. TLMFAP shifts in his seat and lets Cooper know, "This is the waiting room." Cooper looks around with that perplexed look of, "Well, then, where are the out-of-date Newsweeks heralding, "Ivan Boeski arrested on fraud charges," because, in reality, it's still only 1991. Cooper sits silently. TLMFAP asks Cooper, "Would you like come coffee?" and pauses just another second before he sweetens the deal: "Some of your friends are here." Laura "L.A. Doctors" makes her reappearance on the scene, entering from behind Cooper and sitting down in the chair next to TLMFAP. She bids Cooper a pretty cohesive backwards hello before holding out her wrist and flicking out her index and middle fingers. She adds on, "I'll see you again in 25 years." Dude. Her backwards/forwards voice is kick-ass good. Perhaps that's the actorly talent she decided to perfect, not realizing just how niche that skill really is. She adds the word "Meanwhile," holds her heads up in a modelesque, what's-behind-curtain-number-three pose, and disappears. When Cooper looks next the chair is empty, but a moment later The Elderly Room Service Waiter makes his resurgence, holding a cup of coffee. He and TLMFAP exchange a spirited "Hallelujah!" Awww. It's so nice to see short and tall bond just like brothers. The Elderly Room Service Waiter stands up with the cup of coffee, repeating the word "coffee" once for each of the six steps he takes. When Cooper looks up again, The Elderly Room Service Waiter has morphed into My Giant, who returns to his chair and observes, "One and the same." His backwards/forwards voice isn't quite as admirable as some, so he disappears in a damn hurry. Now TLMFAP rubs his hands together, and Cooper finally moves to pick up the cup of coffee. He holds it up and out to show up that the liquid has solidified into some kind of Spencer Gifts novelty gag. It's not coffee at all! Or…or is it? Cooper makes to pour it out again, but this time the liquid is actually liquid, and he spills about half the cup. And even right here in the middle of this otherwordly drug trip, Cooper still has the wherewithal to look kind of embarrassed. And this is why we love him. Cooper regards TLMFAP, who watches Cooper pour out a half a cup of really viscous sludge (did the waitress at my diner work in The Waiting Room back in the early 90s?), and TLMFAP looks off-camera and compliments, "Wow, Bob, wow." And then, for the sake of franchise-branding, he adds, "Fire walk with me." A piercing scream accompanies a shot of roaring flames somewhere, and when we cut back to the Black Lodge, Cooper is under the strobe once more. That right there is a damn strong cup of coffee. And hot!

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