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Episode Twenty-Nine (2)

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How's Annie?
Cooper exits this waiting room and walks back into the hallway. Across the hall and at the other end, he finds another opening in the curtain. He enters to find the room identical to the one he's just left, and goes back down the hall to the first room to find TLMFAP telling him, "Wrong way." Cooper goes back into the hall and back to the other room, which is again the same room. Into this room walks TLMFAP, but he's all shaking and laughing and crazy and his voice bears a strikingly giggly similarity to Crusty the Clown crying (I'd never noticed it before, but give it a try and let me know what you think). Into the room walks Maddy, decked all in black, who informs Cooper, "I'm Maddy. Watch out for my cousin." Cooper exits that room as well, as he should. Back inside the first room now, the curtains are still there but all of the furniture is gone. Cooper stands for a moment and then walks in further, looking down to see TLMFAP convulsing madly and eventually getting around to grimacing the word "doppelganger!" Cooper, in extreme close-up, looks remarkably concerned about this new development, but not even half as much as he does in the next shot, one of Laura Palmer. She repeats the word "meanwhile" while maintaining the same prom queen pose she struck before -- vogue vogue vogue vogue -- and then begins to scream wildly as the strobe kicks up anew. She climbs from red couch to red couch and then right up to the Cooper POV Camera, screaming, screaming, screaming.

Cooper thinks it might be time to get out of that room, but with only one other option, how far is he gonna get? Back in the other room, the strobe cuts out again, but Cooper looks down to regard a thick pool of blood that came from his reappearing abdomen wound. He puts a hand to it and stumbles back into the hallway, following the trail of blood back into Room #1. On the floor of that room lies another, blood-soaked Cooper (doppelganger!), entwined with a woman in a god-awful sundress who he refers to as "Caroline." The bloodied thing sits up, and Cooper notices that the woman lying with the other Cooper is, in fact, Annie. Strobe. Cooper yells "Annie" repeatedly until it ceases to be a source of fear and is practically a whispered question. Back in the next room, another Annie Blackburn (doppelganger!) stands waiting for Cooper, her poofy black Miss Twin Peaks dress once again on. She stands still for a moment and then walks right up to him as he enters, speaking backwards, "Dale. I saw the face of the man who killed me." Cooper asks "The man who killed you?", and Annie explains, "It was my husband." Cooper again asks, "Annie?" Annie, knowing her character as well as she has since her first appearance, asks, "Who's Annie?" Cooper looks at her again to find he's talking to Caroline, her eyes all blanked out and creepy and milky white. And then Annie appears again, putting a hand up to Cooper's cheek and comforting him, "You must be mistaken. I'm alive." Damn. Still alive. Nothing good does happen in this evil place, I guess. Cooper looks back to find that he is now face-to-face with milky-eyed Laura, who screams again and turns into Windom. Windom smiles broadly: "Dale Cooper." Annie now appears next to them both, standing with her arms crossed, all, "Do something, boys. These here shoulder pads aren't going to be in style forever." Then she vaporizes. Bye-bye, Annie.

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