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Episode Twenty-Nine (2)

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How's Annie?
Windom cracks up, stopping abruptly to look at Dale and alert him, "If you give me your soul, I'll let Annie live." Cooper doesn't miss a beat: "I will." Windom stabs Cooper in the stomach -- twice -- and the earlier inferno returns before cutting us to a shot of Earle and BOB in strobe, yelling. BOB grabs Windom's neck and demands he "be quiet!" Windom freezes all animated with his hands out, and BOB looks up to Cooper and slowly lets him know, "He's wrong. He can’t ask for your soul. I will take his." Cooper watches as BOB extracts a fireball from Windom's head, and BOB cracks up at the general evilness of it all and allows Cooper a moment to escape. Behind them, another Cooper enters from a location at which the real Cooper did not exit (Dop! Pel! Gang! Er!), and we note that this new Cooper is milky-eyed as well. He puts an arm around BOB and they crack up like old frat buddies from Black Lodge University.

Real Cooper strides back into the hall, and out from behind another portion of the curtain, Leland "Scream At The Sound Of The Beep" Palmer appears, milky-eyed, to let Cooper know, "I did not kill anybody." Incorrect. But it's so damn nice to see him again. Cooper skirts past him, and the other Cooper walks out just after. Doppelganger Cooper and Leland share a laugh as well. Now the two Coopers chase each other from room to room, and we quickly lose track of who is chasing who and why. Not like the "why" has been anywhere near apparent for the past thirty minutes or so, but at least now we're being destabilized as a plot device. I think. The two of them run toward the exit, just beyond the waiting room.

The woods. A bright red light shines near the sycamore trees, and Truman jumps up to seeing Annie and Cooper lying unconscious. An establishing shot of the waterfall takes us to the show's final resting place, inside of Cooper's hotel room. Doc Hayward and Truman sit vigil at his bed, and as he stirs and opens his eyes, Hayward notes, "There he is." Cooper tries to lift his head and delivers with an unusually foreshadowed sense of steeliness in his voice, "I wasn't sleeping." He pauses for a moment and asks the question of grave importance: "Annie? How's Annie?" Truman informs him that "she's gonna be just fine. She's in the hospital." Another silent moment goes by, and Cooper tells them, "I have to brush my teeth." Truman helps him out of bed, and a PJ'ed Cooper makes his way toward the bathroom, stopping at the door to repeat, "I need to brush my teeth." Truman tries to sound encouraging, but when Cooper disappears behind the door, Truman and Hayward exchange that patented glance of "looks like it must have been the doppelganger that made it out of the Black Lodge" that I know you and I have all made a billion times in our own lives. Cooper shuts the door behind him and walks toward the sink. He takes his toothbrush out of the holder and daintily opens the cap of the toothpaste. Rather than applying the toothpaste to the brush, however, he gleefully begins to squeeze it into the sink. This lasts until no more toothpaste is left to gleefully squeeze, so Cooper has to go to the next big fuck-the-housekeeping-staff trick in his arsenal. He tilts his head back from the mirror, and then brings it forward with a noisy, yucky little slam. Truman looks toward the door with a concerned "Coop?" Back inside, a bloody-headed Cooper looks into the shattered mirror and sees the many-prismed reflection of BOB staring back at him. They turn their mashed-head reflections in the same direction, both grinning really, really meanly, and Cooper turns toward the camera and starts cracking up, repeating over and over and over again: "How's Annie? How's Annie? How's Annie?" Bye-bye, Cooper. Bye-bye, sanity. Bye-bye, show.

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