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Episode Twenty-One

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James Marshall is a really bad actor

It's raining in the woods, and a still-bathrobed Leo Johnson stumbles around, eyes all glassy. An owl-not-what-it-seems squawks toward him. He sees a house and makes his way toward it, but opening the door he sees a hand moving around guns and other various weapons of Cooper destruction, and he starts to reverse his path. The voice bids, "No, no. Come in. It's all right. I'm a friend. Come in." Leo does. The voice tells Leo, "I will help you." He asks Leo his name. Leo answers, "Leo," because, well, his name is Leo. And goofy-looking short guy with stubble moves out of silhouette (no comment) and sits at a table in front of a chess board. Get it? Get? It? He responds, "Well, Leo, you can call me Windom. Windom Earle." A nearby window bursts open and the wind blows leaves onto the chess board as this "Earle" character smiles all crazy, like. Hey! It's Poor Man's Dudley Moore!

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