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James Marshall is a really bad actor

Realizing a golden opportunity to wrap up some of this show's gayer subplots and get things moving in a legitimate direction again, Truman glosses Episodes 18-20 with the throwaway (not that I'm complaining), "Did you hear anything from Denise?" Turns out, Cooper has: "The Bureau and the DEA cleared me of all criminal charges, but the suspension still stands. I'm waiting to hear from Gordon." My, how convenient. All of it, really. Buh-bye, Girlie Mulder. See you in Playing God. And also its far more intriguing follow-up, Playing Tea Leoni's Beard, Or Is It The Other Way Around? Meanwhile, Truman reminds Cooper, "Well, you're still my deputy…" and I always think he's poised to add, "…and the coffee's been out for over an hour, so a fresh pot probably wouldn't kill you." But he doesn't say that. But I think he should. Because I think Coop's advancing in the department a little too quickly, don't you? Truman offers Deputy Cooper the Earle case, and Cooper accepts it readily. They clink coffee mugs. Actually, it's more of a ceramic "thwack." I'm drinking coffee right now, too. Can I take the Earle case? I've only been a TPPD deputy for five fewer seconds than Cooper. Hawk makes his way in to let Cooper and Truman know that he's pissed that Truman gave white man the case and that he's suing for racial discrimination because he's been stuck doing the exact same henchman bullshit work every single day of his miserable career. Or not. What he really does is confirm that a car was found on a logging road and, as predicted, there were no identifying prints. Recapping, Hawk continues on that Hank "If That Is Your Real Name" Jennings missed his appointment at Dead Plot Farm last week because, as Hank reported it, "He was hit by a bus" and ended up in the hospital. Which is a fabulous ruse, considering the omnipresence of the Twin Peaks Public Transportation Authority. Hawk cuffed him to the bed and booked him for parole violations. Good. Go. Rot. Stupid Hank. Hawk starts to leave, and then suddenly remembers oh, say, the most important life-and-death matter he could have come to report: "Oh. Shelley Johnson called. She said Leo came to last night, attacked her, and ran off into the woods." Cooper's worried enough about that to give it "Holy Smokes" treatment, but Hawk barely even remembered to disseminate that information to the rest of the law-enforcing presences. Shoddy-ass police work like that, it's no wonder he didn't get that Earle case after all, eh? Eh?

Out in the front of the police station, Andy undergoes some wacky hijinks with a plastic glove (I guess he only cries at the loss of human life when the victim is, like, really, really pretty and stuff), which flies across the room and sticks to the window that separates Lucy's desk from the rest of the station. Lucy stares at it, a little horrified, which is kind of funny considering the latex-y, condom-like imagery of the glove. Andy leans in and tells Lucy that they have to talk "about Nicky." Don't do it, people. It just can't end well. Sigh. Okay, fine. But remember how well things were going until now? Pretty well, actually. "We think he murdered his parents." Lucy reminds Andy that the kid is all of nine years old, and Andy pulls off a pretty good line in whispering his contention that Nicky was "six at the time of the crime." True to form of every conversation that the two of them have had since the first minute of the show, Lucy gets all mad and tells Andy that he's a big, dumb simpleton. She promises to "get to the bottom of this right away" (which, translated, hopefully means "drop it like an ABC exec with an itchy trigger finger is about to drop this whole show"), and storms away, snapping Andy's other glove in his hand. Ah, Nicky. How your jinks grow ever higher.

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