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James Marshall is a really bad actor

Meanwhile, a quick cut to the lobby of the Great Northern finds a woman at the desk checking in for an "Eckhardt. Thomas Eckhardt." The woman nods toward a fire in a fireplace, and a close-up shot of a cheesily-coifed guy with cheap black sunglasses looks all sinister. Nobody yells, "Poor Man's John Gielgud's Former Partner!" And, sadly, no one ever will.

Doc Hayward calls Andy and Dick into a room at the police station to let him know that, in fact, Little Nicky is not the devil. Man. Peeling off the hideous subplots, one by one. The mood must have been really interesting on the set that day. Meanwhile, Truman approaches Cooper holding a piece of paper and informs him, "This just came over the wire from Seattle." It's a newspaper article. The headline reads -- okay, check this out -- "Asian Man Killed!!!" That's right. Three exclamation points. Three! Anyway, the Asian man (who was killed!!!) is the Mr. Lee guy that Truman met at the Packard house. He wants Cooper to look into it. Cooper will. He will!!!

Marshlands. James is packing his bag (because he's been there three days) and Evelyn runs in. "Are you leaving? Are you leaving?" She hugs him all non-committal (you'd need a damn periodic chart of elements to discover what two objects in nature could have less chemistry than these two), and he throws her back suddenly with a shout of "I can't stay here! It's wrong!" He packs and packs (because he's been there three days), and she stands on her mark and launches in to what have embarrassed her terribly: "I love you, James. I've never said that to anybody before in my life. I love you." Oh, man. Because he's been there three days. And because…just, oh man. Sirens begin blazing then, and she looks out the window, whispering, "There's been an accident. Jeffrey's dead." James puts the pieces together: "My God! You set me up!" The police cars roll into the driveway. Evelyn cries and cries, swearing, "It was Malcolm's idea! He's not really my brother!" Way to mastermind in a hurry, Malcolm. Why? Right. Because he's been there three days. Evelyn tells James to hurry out, to make a run for it, to "go find that girl who loves you." Juuuust you. Aaaaaand I. Outside, Evelyn walks toward the police while James skulks in (no, really) silhouette. And there's Donna. Hiding behind a tree. Or a blade of grass. Or the particularly fat molecules that bond together and make up air. She's thin, y'all. They make a run for it. Togeeeether. Foreeeeever. La la lee loo lee.

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