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Conference room. Andy stands at the chalkboard, transcribing the contents of the cave wall, and Major Garland "Eight-Ball, Corner Pocket" Briggs sits behind him, noting, "As I remember, the line you were drawing should proceed downward, not across." Andy all spookily asks, "How did you know that?" in that way that totally means, "Well then, draw it your own damned self, Backseat Courtroom Stenographer," if you're me and everything you say has a nasty, nasty subtext. But not these polite country folks. Nuh-uh.

Cooper enters the room and launches right on in: "Major, we need your help. But I am unable to accurately explain to you how or why." Briggs, all "your confusing thesis has captured my attention…please continue," listens intently as Cooper ties up the loose ends of most of the last few episodes, telling Briggs that he thinks there is a connection between Leo's disappearance, Earle's escape, and the arty drawings on the wall of Owl Cave. Cooper thinks that "these mysteries are not separate entities, but are, in fact, complementary verses of the same song. Now, I cannot hear it yet." Don't worry, Coop. It's all filled with the clanging sound of a thousand different pan flutes playing a thousand different melodies, anyway. I've heard the song. I can practically listen no more. Briggs wants to know how he can help, and Cooper very solemnly intones, "I need to know everything that there is to know about Windom Earle's work with Project Blue Book." Well, first you take an all-essay college exam. Then you name a top-secret government project after it and wish someone would invent the Internet so that people like us could spend their days slacking off at work and wondering why they decided to call it that, thus keeping the show alive and writing my paycheck simultaneously. Briggs, however, has a different answer, responding, "My security clearance was revoked shortly after my disappearance." He goes on that he wouldn't have a problem physically accessing the appropriate materials, but that there are "certain moral judgments" that he needs to wrestle with for that dramatic period of time ending riiiiiiiiiight…now. "Will this information help you to prevent future loss of life?" Yes. "Is this the copy of the petroglyph you found in Owl Cave?" Golly. Check out the big brain on Briggs. Cooper asks Briggs if he's seen the glyph, and Briggs of course responds, "I've dreamed it. Or seen it. Somewhere." Much squinting ensues on Briggs's part, and he suddenly lets them know, "I will do what you ask." Hawk gambols in with Leo's arrest report, states, "The wings of sovereign prayer in the forest float higher than man's ability to foretell the doing of wrongs," doesn't really say that, hands Cooper Leo's police report, and stands in impressive submission. Cooper puts the report next to the scrap of the poem, and doesn’t miss a beat before announcing, "This poem. Sent by Windom Earle. Was transcribed by Leo Johnson." Scary music indicates that it might just be time to be scared.

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