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Martell's Wood-Paneled Palace. Katherine carries in a pot of tea to Harry, who has come to belabor the Josie situation once more. He wants some kind of information that will help him understand, information like, "What was she after?" Katherine tells him that she's been asking the same exact questions. "In spite of all the things she tried to do to me and my family," continues Katherine, "I find it very hard to hate her for it." And Truman is bizarrely sure he knows why: "Well, she was so very beautiful." I think that's gotta be just it, Harry. Katherine, though, stands and tells him that "there is a clue that could benefit both of us." She pulls out the puzzle box and carries it over. He yokels like Pete once did that there is no clasp and no lid, just as Pete himself enters from the back door, screaming, "Wowee, Bob, have we got some beauties in the contest this year." He notes the box and takes it from Harry, asking if he's had any luck with it. But in his attempt to commandeer the thing, he drops it on the floor, eliciting a completely hilarious response of "Butterfingers!" from Katherine, who must be sensing that the end is near and ensuring the future of her résumé by padding it with an audition for that commercial for the board game Operation. Remember that commercial? When the buzzer goes off? And the kid yells the…? Dammit, people. I. Am. Old. Pete picks the box up, and the three notice together that the outer shell has slipped off, revealing a smaller box inside with symbols of the half-moon and diamond (and purple horseshoes!) variety etched on top. Pete drops it to the floor again, thinking that may be in and of itself the solution, and Katherine goes full-tilt "everyone's trying to get me Lucky Charms" crazy, yanking the box away from him and thank you, Pete. Thank you very much.

So there's a lake now? With a gazebo? And a canoe? Oh. I guess we have been to this outdoor filming locale before, just before Maddy left town forever. Charming, this. In said canoe on Lake Mysterious Reemergence, Cooper and Yoko sit and look at all the naturely placidity. Yoko is talking about how Norma was always "Miss Popularity" in high school, and that she never had many friends. She tells of the one boyfriend she had her senior year of high school, and puts the instant kibosh on the whole convo when Cooper asks if he's what forced her into the convent. There are geese just screaming in the background and I'm surprised they aren't cracking up right now. But the mating call of the African swallow is a pretty powerful aphrodisiac around these parts, and Cooper takes Yoko's hands and tells her, "Annie, I know how hopeless things can seem. I know about the dark tunnel you can fall into." He continues that something once happened to him that made him want to disappear from the world, and "because of that, maybe I can help you." They smooch and smooch and I just hate it, man. Yoko tells him that she doesn't know him very well, but that she's trying to learn how to trust her instincts. Cooper asks what her instincts are saying now, and she tells him, "Trust." Awwwww. But up on the shore, a nice, normal, typical, bird-watching type -- ah, hell, fool me not again…it's Earle -- hides his eyes behind binoculars and scopes out their every move. This guy is all about doing his own legwork. He's a full-service psychopath with a knack for the hands-on stuff. And a music lover, to boot!

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