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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Alleyway: She's-the-Sheriff and her deputy survey the scene. He points out the frightened girl, curled up in a ball, sobbing. Sheriff Forbes asks the girl if she saw what did this. The girl nods. The Sheriff smiles. "Tell me everything you saw." Commercial.

The Grill; Interior: Elena approaches Stefan and explains that she couldn't miss his 100th-and-whatever birthday. They laugh at that, and he nods shyly. We cut away.

Pudding Pop sits in a booth talking to a faceless friend who isn't Tyler. Caroline stumbles over. She's bombed off her ass, so Matt sends Faceless for some coffee. Once he's gone, she tearfully asks Matt if she's shallow. God bless him, he tries not to lie, yet takes her seriously. He kindly says depth isn't really her thing, which leaves her whining about wanting to be deep as the abyss, but really being shallow as a kiddie pool. Matt then lies that she's not a kiddie pool. Until she starts acting a bit nicer toward her own mother, I'm not changing my mind on that. She asks him to take her home, and when she stumbles, he picks her up in his arms (which are covered by far too many layers). When they exit the Grill, Matt has an oh-shit moment, when he sees Caroline's mother -- the sheriff -- and her deputies waiting right outside. He can't avoid them so he strides purposefully toward his fate. Sheriff Forbes asks Caroline if she's drunk and if they served her in the Grill. Caroline's not too drunk to be flippant to her mother, so to cut off the impending argument (I wonder how many times he had to do that between his own mother and Vicki), Matt tells the Sheriff he hasn't been drinking and offers to take Caroline home. The sheriff thanks him and watches as they depart. She then turns to her deputies and tells them not to let anyone else leave the Grill.

Inside Lexi brings Damon a shot as a bribe and demands to know why he's in Mystic Falls. When Damon can't distract her with small talk, he says, "Okay, I have a diabolical master plan," but he can't tell her what it is, because who does that -- except Batman villains? Just then, the Sheriff and her staff bring girl-victim into the Grill and ask her to look around and identify her attacker. She points right at Lexi and Damon. Damon happens to look over his shoulder at just that moment, but he's not worried, because just like us, we all know who girl-victim is identifying. A couple of cops escort the witness back outside, while She's-the-Sheriff and the rest storm toward the bar, catching everyone's attention. The Sheriff plunges a hypodermic needle into Lexi. Damon shouts, "What are you doing?" The Sheriff thanks him for the Vervain and excuses herself, and the deputies hold up the now teetering Lexi and drag her outside. Stefan and Elena try to follow, but the cops stationed at the door won't let them exit through the front.

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