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Outside, Lexi regains some strength and throws off the cops holding her. The sheriff turns just as she's vamping out, and starts shooting. They must not be wooden bullets, because Lexi comes right at her. Out of nowhere, Damon swoops in and stakes her in the chest. Lexi looks at him. "Why?" Damon whispers, "It's part of the plan," as Sheriff Forbes looks on, wide-eyed. Lexi gets even vein-ier, starts to decompose, and falls to the ground. Stefan and Elena watch from their hiding place behind an exterior corner of the building. Damon turns to the sheriff and asks if she's okay. She lowers her weapon, thanks him and says, "Get it into the car -- quickly." Commercial. Tsk. Bye, Lexi. I really liked you. I hope we get you in some flashback episodes at some point in the future. You were fun, and not dippy, strong, but not evil. Kind of (Logan forgive me) epic.

The Grill; Interior: The Sheriff arrests the bartender for being too stupid to live and serving her underage daughter. She then seeks out Damon and comments on how handy he is with a stake. Damon chalks it up to reflex and adrenaline. Then he does what seems to be the dumbest thing, ever. He tells her she caught a lucky break with that witness. "Without her, you wouldn't have been able to ID the vampire." Now, okay, maybe they talked off screen. And well, he did see the witness point to Lexi. But I'm not sure Forbes saw him see and... well, that just seems like drawing unnecessary attention to himself, don't you think? I'm sticking a pin in this moment, just in case it comes back to haunt Damon, or anyone else, for that matter. At any rate, the sheriff thanks Damon again and leaves him to smile because he's just so pleased with himself.

Caroline's room: Matt lays her on her bed, takes her boots off and asks if she's okay. She says she isn't but she is. She asks if he ever feels like there isn't a person in the world that loves him. I'm sure he does, but that's only because he doesn't know about the powerful Matt fandom that's already sprung up in the greater Vampire Diaries fandom. I mean, he's Pudding Pop. Of course we love him. And Caroline, you're not as bad as you think you are, either. At any rate, there's some heavy talk, but it's tiresome to maintain that stuff with a drunken kiddie pool, so Matt makes to leave. Caroline's not a think as I drunk she is though, because when he starts to go, she asks him to stay. She doesn't want to be alone. I think he slips off his shoes, but not his jacket, and then crawls under the covers with her. Good Lord, boy. Her mother has a service revolver. Stay on top of the blankets for your own sake. He doesn't listen. She lays her head on his chest while he stares at the ceiling and wishes she were Elena.

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