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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Grill; Exterior: Stefan is ready to take off in a fury. When Elena holds him back, he turns to her with a sob in his voice. "He killed Zach. He killed Tanner. He turned Vicki. I have to kill him." Sounds like a plan. I mean, I'll miss the pretty, but Damon's chest has been aching for a stake since episode 1. Buffy would not put up with this, I tell you what. Buffy shrugs. "I like my evil like I like my men. Evil. You know, strait up, black hat, tied to the train tracks, soon my electro-ray will destroy Metropolis bad." Okay, so I was wrong. Anyhow, Stefan wants to kill Damon. Elena tries to stop him. Stefan explains why Damon needs killing and wonders why she wants to save him. Elena isn't worried about Damon. She's worried about what killing Damon will do to Stefan. For starters, I think it would make him a less complicated boyfriend, but who knows. Besides, I want to keep looking the Somerhalder-shaped pretty, so I'll shut my gob. Stefan can't take it any more. Elena begs him to just stay and talk to her. He turns to face her. "No. You were right to stay away from me." When he walks away, Elena doesn't know what to do, so she fondles her shiny, shiny hair.

Mossy Manse: Damon pours himself a celebratory drink, but senses someone watching him from behind. Besides us. It's Stefan. He attacks Damon with more strength than ought to be possible, since they've been telling us for weeks that an animal-only diet leaves a vamp weaker than their huma-tarian counterparts. So, either he's dipped into Lexi's stash, or he's just that pissed. I'm betting on the latter for now, because Stefan has been set up to be just that noble. Damon only gets the best of Stefan once -- he manages to fling him off him and across the room, but it doesn't take long for Stefan to subdue his evil brother. Damon claims he did "this" for Stefan, to get the vampire hunters off their trail, but Stefan says Damon never does anything for anyone other than himself. And then? He stakes him! Right in the... belly. Poo. Okay, not poo, because I want to keep Damon, but I want Stefan to cut a little looser, you know? Damon groans. "You missed," but Stefan's all, I meant to do that. And it seems he did. Since Damon saved his life, Stefan has spared Damon's. "We're even." He plunges the stake in a little deeper. "And now we're done." Debilitated by the wood, Damon falls to the floor and Stefan leaves him alone to struggle as he removes the stake. With a squicky sound, he finally gets it out and we cut to...

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