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Mossy Manse; Daytime: Stefan must have caught Lexi up on all the goings on in Mystic Falls, because she wisely notes that if someone shot at her with wooden bullets, she'd hightail it out of town. After her birthday visit to Stefan, she's headed off to the Big Apple, to take a bite out of Bon Jovi (okay, just a concert, not his neck). "Dead or Alive," is not only foreshadowing for Lexi, it's her and Stefan's song. Apparently they partied with the band, back in the day. Stefan wonders wistfully if Jon remembers them and their crazy weekend. Fanboi. Lexi says they can make him remember. Oh she's delightful. She's a goner, isn't she? Damn. She can't talk Stefan into joining her or going anywhere else. Elena's keeping him there. Lexi holds up the portrait of Katherine and teases that she hopes Elena's better than the last girl Stefan got "sprung over." No, I never heard that either and it makes me think of the Wayne's World "schwing," but let's just go with it, okay? Stefan reminds Lexi she never knew Katherine. Lexi makes it clear that if she had, she would have kicked the bitch's ass. A beat... "Speaking of... where's Damon?" Hee. Love her. I should just put on a black armband now, shouldn't I? Stefan says that Damon's undoubtedly out causing misery somewhere and wants to know if Lexi will be okay at Mossy Manse, because he's got things to do. She covets his magical daylight ring and wants to trade it for her mood ring circa 1975, but Stefan won't trade. Mean. Actually, he tells her she knows it doesn't work that way, and I find myself yearning for more of an explanation. Are the rings owner-specific? Why can't Lexi have one? At any rate, she makes it clear they are making plans for his 162nd birthday, and she'll brook no insolence on that point.

Mystic Falls Sheriff's office: Caroline's mom, Sheriff Forbes (a.k.a. "She's-the-Sheriff") interviews Germ, Matt, Stefan, and Elena about Vicki Donovan's disappearance. Their stories flow seamlessly. Germ told Matt that Vicki took off. Matt thinks Stefan might know more. Stefan explains that he was trying to help Vicki for Elena's sake. Elena confirms that she was worried about the Germ's involvement with Vicki. Sheriff Forbes finds out nothing more than that Vicki was having mood swings and is gone with the wind. Germ's final words: "I'll miss her, but I think it's for the best," echo Elena's words to Damon when she asked him to hypnotize her little brother into forgetting Vicki's tragic end.

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