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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Townhall; Exterior: Stefan waits for the rest of the crew to exit. Matt comes out first; ignores Stefan's pleading look, and walks on by. I'd be mad at him for being such a pill if I didn't know the truth about Vicki, so his practically perfect status lives on. Poor Pudding Pop. Stefan calls after him that he was only trying to help Vicki. Matt never turns around. Next, the long-absent Aunt Jenna exits with Elena and Germ in tow. Elena stops to talk to Stefan for a moment. Now, last week, we ended the episode with Elena telling Stefan: "With everything that's happened, I can't lose the way I feel about you." This week, she's all: "I can't do this, Stefan." Every time she looks at Germ or Matt, she feels guilty that Vicki is dead and that she can't tell them. It's too much for her, so much so that she won't even go somewhere to talk with Stefan. It's funny how that worm turned, yeah? She tells him he has to stay away from her and walks off, leaving him alone.

Mossy Manse: Lexi moans in her sleep and wakes to find Damon lying next to her. Where are his hands? Ahem. When he deems her appearance an "unexpected surprise," Lexi snorts at him. "Unexpected surprise? I think the wrong brother went back to high school." Hee. When she won't flirt with Damon or otherwise engage him, he wants to know why she's so mean to him. Lexi raises her eyebrows. "Um, have you met you? You're not a nice person." Damon pleads, "vampire," but Lexi says he only has the bad aspects. Mythology Moment: This confirms what Stefan was teaching Vicki, i.e. vampires in the The Vampire Diaries universe can choose their own paths and aren't doomed to be evil, soulless things. When Damon snarks that Lexi should teach him to be good, she throttles him as she gives him, and us another Mythology Moment: in this 'verse, older vampires are stronger. As she's way older than he, she warns him not to screw up her visit with Stefan. Contrite or at least truly and actually afraid for the first time in this series -- Damon apologizes. And I know it's easy to say this after the fact, but this is when I figured out that Damon would be killing off Lexi, so the episode, while not bad, climaxed way to soon for me (no porno).

Second-Sight Shack: Grams asks Bonnie why she's packing up to leave. It seems Daddy doesn't like his darling daughter spending too much time with her dotty grandmother. Grams smile is wry. "Your father's problem is he lacks imagination. He thinks I'll fill your head with all my witchy ju-ju. Bonnie points out that he's right. Grams says, "He's always right. That's his other problem." Her laughter dies when she notices that Bonnie is wrapping up Damon/Caroline/Emily Bennett's magical crystal amulet. Bonnie must put it back on, right now. She then gives us a Mythology Moment: "A witch's talisman is a powerful tool. Don't give that back to anybody." For her part, Bonnie just wishes it was prettier. Grams nods and shrugs as we get a shot of Bonnie dropping holding out her shirt and letting the gem drop down into her budge.

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